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Your Home Furnishing Solutions at One Place

Your Home Furnishing Solutions at One Place

Furnishing is one of the most important parts of a household. Furnishing is what makes a house a home. The main attraction of any household is their furnishings apart from the space and the place where the house is situated and just as women wear ornaments to complete themselves, a house has its furniture to complete them. But it is quite often that we are confused on what to buy for our house and also from where to buy them. There are many places in the market which sell furniture but there are cons of most of them. Hipvan makes sure that you do not have to search the whole market for your basic needs.

home furnishing sofas

Hipvan is a collection of hundreds and thousands of types of furniture that any house needs. You just need to name the thing that you need for your house and Hipvan has it all for you. Not only furniture there are things for the decoration of your household, the bed room, the bath room, the kitchen. Along with them, Hipvan also sells the lighting and lifestyle equipments that are needed for any household. It goes without saying that no doubt Hipvan is one of the best of all the home furnishings in Singapore.

To speak of the furniture that is sold by them then you will be able to find Sofas, sectionals, accent chairs, dining chairs and stools, tables, desks, fabric swatches and even room sets. When you browse through their collection of furniture through their online site then you will see that each category in itself has a wide variety of items and every variety in itself has a lot of products under them. For example, if you want to go for sofas and sectionals you will get options for choosing between L shaped sofas, 3 seater sofas, 2 seater sofas along with arm chairs and sectional sofas. All these types and many more of them are available on the site. The best part of the site is that you can see each product from many varied angels which would make you sure of the item before you click on the buy link.

chair and furnitures decor

You would also get bed frames and beds on the site along with mattresses. Every product that you buy from Hipvan is different and unique in their own way which makes sure that you do not get the repetition of any type or design. If you would want to go for accent chairs then you would find lounge chairs and recliners and at the same time you would find bean bags and poufs. Rocking chairs, swings, hammocks, office chairs also form a part of the collection. Not only traditional designs, you would find designer replica chairs along with dining chairs and benches with bar stools and bar chairs for the people who have a bar or who wish to decorate their bar at their house.

Online shopping in Singapore is a bliss in disguise because you are always ever so busy in your work that you do not get the time to go outside and get the things that you would need for yourself and so when you shop online then you would not have to worry much and the product will be delivered at your doorstep. One of the best features of Hipvan.com is that they have the facility of free returns within 14 days which makes them a very reliable site. Once you visit the site and you choose a product then you would see during the payment page that you also have the feature of free delivery on the orders which are over $100. This freezes the reason why you should go for the products sold by the site.

Bedroom Furniture

If the decoration of your house is concerned, you can buy cushions and throws, rugs and mats, wall and table clocks, candles and diffusers, wall decor, curtains and wallpapers, storage and organization, home improvement, home accents and even nursery decor with a wide range of products from Hipvan. You can choose cushions and throws of varied types like novelty covers, outdoor cushion covers from the site. Area rugs, outdoor rugs, floor and door mats are also things that can be bought from the site. If you are one of those people who like a lot of candles and decorations in their homes then you can check out their website which offers candle holders, tea lights, aroma diffusers and even car fragrances for your home and car. Each product has their own special properties which makes them distinct from the other. Talking about fragrances, you can get fans and air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, ladders and step stools for your home and after you buy them, you can go for the graphic prints, typography prints, photography prints, map prints and the different wall art that is available on the site and decorate your home giving it a personalized touch.

To add to the personalized touch, you can buy the beautiful door stops, table decor, picture frames, decorative mirrors and the vases, pots that are available on the site. Umbrella stands for the rainy season, trash bins, tissue box holders and decorative trays along with curtains, wallpapers, tiles and flooring is also available. If your bedroom is your priority because at the end of the day when you come back home you feel like crashing on your bed and having a good night’s rest, a tastefully decorated bedroom is always an added advantage. For that, Hipvan gives you bedding options, personal care options along with wardrobe, vanity, bathroom appliances, bath linen, bathroom accessories and finally cleaning and laundry options to add to your bedroom and the bathroom.

For that, you can buy the beautiful designer and even the traditional bed sheet sets, duvet covers, pillows, bolster along with their respective cases, blankets and throws that are available on their site. Personal care things like hand and body soap, toothbrush, body scrubs, sponges, cleaning wipes are available on the site. You can go for the wardrobe and vanity organizers which are available on the site when you are one of those people who find it tough to organize the wardrobe or vanity properly. You would be able to find organisers which would fit small and big places. Towel sets and mats are available along with waste bins, bath accessory sets for the bathroom.

kitchen appliances and furniture

If you are a person who is fond of the kitchen and want to keep it the best as you spend much time there then you can also opt for the items that Hipvan sells related to the kitchen. You can choose your options from tableware, kitchen storage, serve ware, barware, kitchen cleaning, cookware, kitchen appliances along with the different kinds of things needed for the kid’s mealtime and even for baking. These products also have subcategories which include cutlery, plates and bowls, coffee and tea, drinking glasses, mugs and cups. It also includes lunch boxes, travel mugs, serving cutlery, serving platters and bowls, dishwashing accessories, cleaning tools, glassware and shooters, bar tools and openers, decanters, ice trays and moulds. Kitchen appliances include big items such as refrigerators, mixers and food processors, ovens, rice cookers, air fryers, grills, bread makers. Cookware includes pots and pans, prep tools and gadgets, cooking utensils, pop and ice cream makers along with Sippy cups and straw cups for the children of the household. For baking you find baking pans and utensils.

After you are done with all the types of furniture buying for your household, you can now concentrate on the lighting of the household. There also you wouldn’t need to go anywhere as you will get them on Hipvan itself. Pendant lamps, LED lamps, ambient lamps, wall lights and even floor lamps are the options that are available in the site and you can buy them. The lamps are available in the traditional and the designer ones which makes it very clear to you if you have your choices sorted out or it also gives a wide range of ideas for the ones who doesn’t know what would suit their house. As you are choosing items for your house like furniture and the lighting, you have to also buy something for yourself and Hipvan gives you some exclusive choices for that as well. If you are fond of local things then you can go for the various locally available notebooks and stationery, gifts and novelties, toys and games that are available on the website to buy.

There you can also find clothes and accessories for men and women along with food and gourmet items for the kitchen. There are choices for sports and outdoor activities too as you can also find options for travel essentials. Kid’s toys and games along with phone accessories are available here. To sum it all it up, once you are at Hipvan.com then you won’t return empty handed for the site has something for everybody’s needs. The sales and special offers all the time make the cherry on the cake.