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Why Do Singaporeans Like to Dine Out?

Singapore is an ideal example of fusion of various cultures of different lands that also includes the amazing food in this city. The food available here is perhaps the best example of its multi-cultural diversity that has influences from China, Malay, India, Indonesia, Peranakan, to name a few. Right from haute couture high end signature restaurants to local eateries to street hawkers, Singapore has it all to suit every taste bud and budget! The wide range of food available makes it one of the most common reasons why people of Singapore as well as tourists love to gorge on the lip smacking delicacies.

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Food is an integral part of Singapore’s culture and people there extremely passionate about fulfilling their gastronomic desires. There are famous hawker stalls and eateries where people queue up to get their favorite grub! People don’t hesitate to travel the extra mile to satisfy their taste buds with their most loved dishes. Whether it is Satay, Stir Fried Noodles, Hokkien Mie, Indian curries, fritters, chilli crab or chilli prawns, the list of local cuisine in Singapore is endless. You can also look forward to some great dining deals with the help of coupons and vouchers from sites like Paylesser.

Singapore is an eclectic mix of cultures that seamlessly blends the modern with the traditional. Swanky malls, upscale café and coffee shops, global fast food chains are some things that you can see in plenty in this island. Fast food like burgers, pizzas are extremely popular with the younger crowd as well as with people who wish to grab a quick bite while on the go. If you love coffee, you can head to one of the older coffee shops can give the thick black local coffee a try. But if you want to explore the amazing food that Singapore offers, you ought to give the local cuisine a try which is also easy on the pocket. However, the best food experiences can be had at the open air Hawker Center where you can join lines of food enthusiasts for a slice of real Singapore food. Cze Chas or open air eateries are also popular where you can indulge in local delicacies.

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Singapore food is for sure a borrowed mix from various countries imbibing immigrant cultures from neighboring lands. But the amazing part is how these flavors and tastes have been blended by the locals to create their own unique preparations. Most of the food here is either rice or noodles based with a combination of seafood accompanied with different meats like pork and chicken and of course vegetables. Coconut here is a common ingredient and lends a wonderful flavor and texture to whatever it is added. Also since most dishes whether Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian or Eurasian tend to be complete wholesome meals as they are in combination with rice or noodles. Talking of seafood, crab meat and prawns are most popular and commonly available in almost everything you eat!

Whether it is fine dining at an upscale restaurant, eating street food, sip on hot coffee and have quick meal, Singapore is incredible when it comes to food and is undoubtedly a foodie’s paradise giving enough reason to Singaporeans to dining out than sweating out in their own kitchens!