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Whatsapp New Update Aims to Get Better With New Features!

Whatsapp, the world’s favorite online chatting app, has redefined how you communicate with your besties with its latest update. Following the footsteps of its social media counterparts like Instagram and Snapchat, Whatsapp’s new 24-hour story feature has received lukewarm responses from its users.  Taking cues from Snapchat, Whatsapp’s new feature allows users to upload photos and videos replacing simple text based status updates that shall be visible for a day.

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Users don’t have to search or download anything to activate this feature as it is live on the app itself. The feature modeled on the likes of stories on Snapchat or Instagram, there is a special status tab on the extreme left bottom for iOS users while it is Camera, Chats, Status and then Calls for Android users.

New Status Features

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With the new feature update, Whatsapp’s more than a billion users can now broadcast short clips to all their contacts in one go. The content which can either be photos, videos or GIFs can also be customized by adding emojis and texts in various colors playing one after the other giving glimpses of your day. Your friends and contacts have an option of responding and reacting to your status that shall disappear after 24 hours by tapping on the ‘Reply’ tab in chats that are completely encrypted end-to-end. This is an attempt by the popular chat app to help people communicate in real time as a major change from the personalized messages and pre-set status choices as status updates in the app previously.

To use this new feature, all you need to do is go to the ‘Status’ tab, tap on the broken circle with a plus symbol and post your story. You can share an instantly clicked video or photograph, edit it if you wish to and then send it on status. You can also control who can see your status update through the privacy options by choosing from ‘My Contacts’, ‘Contacts Except…’ and ‘Only Share With…’. You can find the status privacy option in settings for Android phones by simply tapping on the three dots on the Whatsapp home page and select your setting. You can also view how many people have seen your story by tapping the eye icon at the bottom of any status update. Contacts with blue circles indicate that they have status updates as well that you can check out.

Additional Emojis

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Introduction of several additional emojis in high definition is another part of this new latest update that includes a facepalm, pregnant woman, a mother and a son, a father with two kids, female versions of many jobs, along with a few more new gender diversity and sexuality options even a same-sex couple icon, rainbow flag emoji, etc. Videos received in chats can also be played immediately without needing to wait for it download first as it was earlier wherein you would have to hold before you can start watching. The new animated GIF support that allows Android phones to send and receive GIFs for the first time and enhanced Whatsapp video calling.

Easy Download

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With more than a billion users, this new feature will surely be tried by one and all! So, get going and check it out for yourself!