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What to expect from Jio After 31st March 2017

Mukesh Ambani’s Jio has taken the country by storm ever since it was launched in 2016. With free calls and free data usage, Jio now has a commendable subscriber base that is more than 100 million in less than six months. The initial free services were first extended to December 31st 2016 and then to another new timeline to March 31st 2017 with a new Happy New Year plan to woo more customers. However, March 31st 2017 is almost here which means that millions of Jio users are curious to know about what is in store for them.

What Jio Offers After March 31st 2017?

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March 31st 2017 means that the popular Jio will no longer be free and users will now have to pay for the exceptionally good services that they have been enjoying from Reliance, one of India’s leading telecom service providers. Mukesh Ambani is known to offer competitive pricing for all his products and the same holds true for Jio as well. Come April 1st 2017, users will have to pay for the free services that they have been enjoying in the past few months. Jio has rolled out the Jio Prime Plan that users are being allowed to subscribe for from March 1st, 2017. You can check out both prepaid and postpaid Jio offers to know about various tariff plans. Read on to know some of the following highlights.

Jio Prime Plan

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  • Subscriptions have begun for the new plan from March 1st 2017 and close on March 31st 2018
  • All you need to pay is Rs. 99.00 as subscription charges for one year and then only Rs. 303.00 per month to continue enjoying the services which works out to Rs. 10.00 approximately for unlimited call and data per day.
  • FREE voice calls to continue. You can also check out Jio Coupons for additional offers.
  • The new Jio Prime Plan waives of roaming charges as well

Why Jio Will Continue to Rule?

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With the free Jio services, internet usage has permeated across all levels of the country, making India the largest user of the web. 7 customers are added every second have augmented Jio’s video streaming to 5.5 hours and voice calling of 200 crore hours each day. Mukesh Ambani’s strategy to garner a strong user base with introductory free services and then maintaining it with immensely competitive pricing will certainly go a long way in sustaining a loyal customer base. Improved services through stronger networks, reduction in call drops, better connectivity and enhanced speed are certainly contributing to the surging growth of this new entrant in the telecom sector. You can also take a look at the various offers on coupon site Paylesser India for some great deals on all products and services apart from mobile recharges.