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backpackersTraveling is a hobby for most people. For some, it is an adventure while for some; it is all about the vacations and the different holidays that they take in between the pressures of the work that they have all through the week or the month or even the year, whenever they decide to take a break. It is in these moments that they are very confused in deciding where they should go, what to do there and how to go there. Along with these queries, they are also confused on when to visit a certain place and what are the different places they are in. Keeping all this in mind, they also have to see if all this is happening in a pocket-friendly rate or not. Expedia Philippines is a website which gives you the answers to all your questions.

Once you open the website, you will see a lot of options. These options include categories such as hotels, last minute deals, and deals, Rent a Car, Things to do, rewards and mobile. Along with options like having an account and accessing the details there, the scratchpad, manage trips and support. All these categories have different types of work to do and you will be able to know about the different parts of the journey through the different types of categories that are there on the website. Whenever you would want to visit a place, you can come up to Expedia and it would give you a wonderful idea about the hotels, flights, cars, itinerary planning and it also gives you the last minute best price guarantee with unique features.

If you are on the site, you will see the homepage. The home page would ask you what you are looking for. If you are looking for the hotels, you have to click on the tab that says hotels. if you are looking for flights, then click on the tab that says flights. For the option where you would want to know about both the flights and the hotels, you can click on that option. The website also gives you options for opting for cars and it would give you all the details that you would need to know about the cars. Now that you are sorted about the flights, hotels and the cars, you would need to know about the things to do. This website also lets you know what are the different things to do whenever you are there at a particular place.

travel tips for budget travellersWhen you are going to search for the hotels at a particular place, after clicking on the hotel’s tab you will be given a few options. These options will include the destination that you are going to visit. Fill in that, followed by the different check in and check out days from the hotels. Then, you need to specify the number of rooms that you will need when you are at the place and finally the number of people going to be there. The number of people would be depending on the number of adults and children that are in the trip. You can now click on the search tab and then you would be able to browse through the different hotels that are there at that place and choose the one you are looking for, finally booking that.

There are various destinations in and out of Philippines that you can visit for your holiday. All these places have something or the other which is special in them. You can get cheap last minute travel deals whenever you get the booking done from the website. The website also provides much more than what is being looked for. You would be able to see what are the different facilities and features available for each hotel. While some are with air conditioned, some are without being air conditioned. Along with this, some give the facility of fooding along with the lodging while some offer only lodging and no fooding. All this can be known from

If you would want to know about the different flight times, then you can click on the flight’s option. They would give you a form that would ask you for the departure date of yours along with the place of departure. Once you fill up the details, you would get to know the details of the flights that are available on that day and the prices of each. Along with the layovers if any, the time of arrival at the place of your destination, if the food would be provided on the flight and the time that would be taken to reach your destination. All these details are given so wonderfully on the website that you would not have any kind of problem whenever you open the website.

The website goes its best in providing you with the best itinerary that they can with respect to the number of days that you are there. A step by step along with a time to time list of things to do is given to you once you fill in the details of your trip whenever you open the website for checking out the details of the travel. There are various destinations that are given by the website. These include the domestic and the beach destinations. Every destination that you choose has something or the other that you can look forward to on the website. The best part of the website, is the fact that there are many different languages and cities that the information is based upon. You find a lot of dedicated research that is done on the destinations, which give you very detailed information in whatever you search for.

There are various discounts and offers that are available from the website. You can get the best travel experienced with discounted deals from the website. The prices are very cheap and even if the plan of going on a vacation is on the spot and very urgent, you would be sure to get something or the other which is near to what you want. The best part of all this is, you would be able to sit back and relax as you do not need to worry about the travel at all. Whenever you want, you can just open the website, get your flights and hotels books and all that you have to do is visit the place.

There are many moments when you do not get what you have been promised by the other websites. It might be possible that you have visited the airport on time and your ticket hasn’t been confirmed yet. You then stand in a dilemma as even the website is not working or probably there is no system of customer support for the people who look for support. But in the case of Expedia, it is not done like that as you always get a dedicated customer support for yourself. Thus, it very unlikely that you fall in any problem but even if you do, you would always have the system of calling up or being in touch of the customer support members of the site where you would be able all your queries and the issues that you might have.


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The website gives the best price guarantee which means that amongst all the websites which provide similar facilities; this website provides the best price. If you end up finding a website which gives more discounts and has a lesser price chart than this website, then Expedia guarantees a refund of the difference to the customers without asking any questions. One of the best things about the website is that there is a dedicated tab that is there for the customer. You would be able to keep a track of the trips that you have made or are about to make. Along with the different things that are done on your account so that you would not have to remember every single detail and a few clicks would tell you what is happening with the website.

Whenever you are booking a flight or hotel or even hiring a car from the website, the website does its best in keeping you up to date with all the ongoing of it. So you always get emails and messages whenever they book the facility, if the facility is being approved or not. After you book a hotel, you also get a confirmation from the hotel about the hotel and the details pertaining to your room so that once you get inside the hotel, you would not need to wait much. You would just need to get the keys from the reception desk and get into the room. You will find your room waiting for you, neat and clean. The hotels that are suggested here and thoroughly checked and visited by the members of the website so there is no question of false information or a bad reputation. Alternatively, you can also keep reviews for the trip if you want for the other customers to know.