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Top 5 Destinations in Philippines for Couples

Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries of the world that you can visit with your spouse. If you and your partner are planning a vacation, then consider this bunch of idyllic islands that can help you create amazing memories. You can take your relationship to a new level and give a whole new meaning to the special bond that you share with your spouse.  If you are planning to get married you can also have the pre-wedding photo shoot at any of the romantic destinations discussed below.

Boracay Islands

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These are the most popular and picturesque isles in the country that is made of more than 7000 islands. Crustal clear waters, white sand beaches and breathtaking moments by the sea are what you can expect while you are here. You can have some truly amazing times with equal measures of romance and adventure. You can find many spectacular beach resorts that allow you to spend private intimate moments as well as take part in various adventure sports. You can book various hotels and resorts through reliable online travel portal Agoda Philippines and stay at some of the finest properties.


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This is one of the newer areas of Philippines that has evolved as one of the top honeymoon getaways, making it ideal for couples. Amazing green landscapes, pristine white beaches, rocky shores, all add up to one of the best settings for couples who are looking forward to having a quiet and secluded time together, giving you ample privacy.

Palawan Islands

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This is one of the most popular beach destinations in the world. It is easy to get here and you can enjoy adventure water sports as well as stay at any of the resorts to have a wonderful time. The cuisine, especially seafood served across the island is also mouthwatering that adds to the excitement of the trip. You can stay at this spectacular location in any of the beach front properties at lower prices with the help of Expedia Promo Code Philippines. Island hopping is another thing you can do if you wish to experience the marvels of nature at its best.

Panglao Island, Bohol

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A long stretch of sand spread over 80 kilometers makes this place one of the most attractive ones for couples who are headed to Philippines. It has a beautiful white sand beach along with crystal clear waters that create an amazing atmosphere. You can simply go to the beach, splash around in water and have a great time apart from staying at any one of the luxurious resorts located here. With Discount Code you can book hotels at discounted rates and save on your hotel stay. You can also check out the other popular tourist attractions in Bohol from here.

Mactan Island, Cebu

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One of the most popular locations of Philippines, these coral islands have gained popularity owing to the numerous beach front resorts and villas that spell luxury for couples that wish to have lavish vacations. You can also participate in various water sports like diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, surfing, etc. to add to your fun.  You can use a Expedia Discount Code to book all your travels to Philippines and actually save on your vacation.

Tagatay City

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Close to the capital city of Manila, this is a great tourist destination in Philippines. Located at a high altitude in the Cavite Province, couples can spend quiet moments amidst nature and cool temperatures. Surrounded by mountains and forests, you can get enjoy greenery to the fullest here.

Now that you know about all the beautiful locations in Philippines, give this country a shot and have a great time. It is all about spending quality time together in a beautiful setting. You can start planning now in advance and have one of the most romantic times of your life with your partner.