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Some Tips to Choose Comfy Shoes for Women

Like clothes, shoes are an important part of our lives! Can you ever imagine even a moment without these on your feet. Apart from adding to our style and fashion, they also protect out feet to a great extent and give our feet the much needed support. You need to remember that our lower limbs are responsible for bearing our body weight, hence they need adequate support as well in the form of the correct shoes. However, it often happens that we end up buying uncomfortable pairs in pursuit of fashion and overlook the comfort aspect. Read on to know about guidelines to buy the right kind of shoes.


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  • Identify the activity – When you are planning to buy shoes, keep in mind the purpose of the shoes. Do you hope to exercise or simply wear them to work or for an evening party? It is important that you know the purpose so that you can buy the right pair. You can buy all kinds of shoes for yourself with the help of a Lazada Discount Code.
  • Take a tracing – When you go shoe shopping, trace your feet on a paper and take along this tracing. Place a shoe even before you try it on this tracing. If the shoe is shorter or narrower than the image that you have, then don’t even try it on because such a shoe shall never be comfortable.

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  • Buy shoes during the day – It is always a good idea to shop for shoes during the day especially towards the afternoon because our feet tend to regain their natural shape and size as we resume our activities after a night’s sleep. So this is the time when the feet are at their best! You can use Lazada Coupons to check out and buy shoes of latest shoes at discounted prices.
  • Wear socks – You can always wear socks when you visit a shoes shop and try shoes with socks on. This will give you an exact idea about comfortable the shoes and whether they are fitting you well or not. With Lazada Singapore, you can check out the latest fashion for yourself.

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  • Try the shoes – This is perhaps the most important step while buying shoes. You need to try them on and pay attention to different aspects and not just how it looks. To start with you should wear the shoes and walk around in them on different surfaces to understand how your feet feel in them. Secondly you should stand and press your feet to make sure that there is space around your feet while you are wearing the shoe. Also wiggle your toes to know about the space around them.
  • Touch and feel the inside of the shoe – The finish of the shoe is also an important factor. So let your hands do the job for your feet and make them feel the inside of it. Go for the pair only if your touch feels comfortable.
  • Check the soles – When you buy shoes, always check the soles because they are the ones that provide the real support. The soles should be well crafted, sturdy and good quality along with sufficient cushion.

Last but not the least, buy shoes of reputed brands that are well known shoe makers to buy the best for your fee. We are often lured by cheap offers on shoes that are bad for our feet in the long run. So don’t hesitate from spending a few extra pennies because they are totally worth it for your feet!

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