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Smart Ways to See the World on Pocket Friendly Budget

Traveling can be great fun no matter where you go and where you stay! Visiting and exploring new destinations rejuvenates your mind, body and soul like nothing else. This is the reason that traveling at least once a year should be on your to-do list! But travel can also be expensive and if not done the right way can throw your expenses out of gear. If you are based out of UAE, there are many inexpensive and pocket-friendly ways in which you can have fun-filled trips and come back more re-energized. Here are a few tips to minimize travel expenditure.

Check out Last Minute Deals

Last Minute Flight Deals


If you have made sudden travel plans for a quick weekend getaway with friends, then look out for last minute deals. Often airlines slash ticket prices to fill seats to capacity on different routes to various cities. And if you are a lucky traveler you might just stumble across such offers that help you get tickets with lower airfares. You can also use Etihad Discount Code for extra discounts if you choose to fly with this airline.

Explore Other Modes of Travel

Sometimes if you are planning a short trip, it is a wise idea to find out about other means of transport like train, bus, car rentals, etc. These are many economical options as compared to flights and are easier on the pocket. If you have time on hand, then these are fun-filled options that feed the travel junkie in you!

Use Online Coupons and Offers with Paylesser UAE

Paylesser is one of the well-established online shopping platforms in UAE, which provides the latest offers and coupons of all types of online stores like Souq, Etihad, Musafir, Cleartrip and much more at one place. This is one of the best ways you can actually save on travel. There are many coupon sites that offer discounts and offers on hotels as well as air tickets that help you save when you travel no matter what your chosen destination is. If you use, Flydubai Coupon Code you can fly with this leading airline at affordable prices.

Redeem Credit Card Points

Redeem Credit Card Points


Online payments are a common practice these days and if you are a credit card user, then you can redeem accumulated points for travel purposes be it air tickets or hotels. Most travel sites allow online payments wherein you can use such points and spend less each time you travel.

Travel on Uncommon Days and Routes

Whenever you have traveled on your cards, try to travel on uncommon days of the week to get tickets at lower prices. Most travelers prefer to travel around weekends to take maximum advantage of travel time that results in higher ticket prices. But if you choose to travel mid-week, you can get cheaper tickets. Same holds true for uncommon routes even if you have to change flights or fly for a long time because these have lower fares as compared to the more popular routes and direct flights that take less time. Always use Emirates Coupons for every air travel reservation you make.

It is important that you create a provision for travel expenses so that you can have a trip whenever you feel like one. It does not matter whether you are an avid traveler or one who believes in taking an annual vacation, if you plan out your travel budget, you can certainly have more fun all the way irrespective of your destination.