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Singles’ Day Sale – 11.11 Sale 2016

Singles’ Day is here and that is reason enough for you to celebrate! And even if you are not single, you can choose to celebrate this day and join in all the fun that goes into making this day super special. Hallmarked as the year’s most extravagant shopping festival, this day has become special for all owing to several reasons. Though this day came into being way back in 1993 at China’s Nanjing University, this day has gained immense popularity in the internet age owing to the sales and discounts offered by leading online shopping sites across all categories. Commemorated to celebrate the ‘Single’ status of men and women alike, this is celebrated in all major nations across South East Asia including Malaysia.

If you are in Malaysia on Singles Day that falls on 11th November or 11.11, the number ‘1’ signifying single status, you must make the most of it by availing the amazing discounts offered by e-commerce giants. Whether it is gadgets or household good or garments, you can look forward to incredible offers when you are in Malaysia on Singles Day and take maximum advantage of this Online Revolution Sale. If you are wondering whether it is truly a good idea to celebrate single hood, read on to know why this status is celebratory.

You don’t have to worry about your Partner


This is perhaps the best part of Singles Day. It allows you to think about yourself without being guilty. If you are in a relationship, you always end up thinking more about your partner than yourself! But this is a day, when you can make your own self extremely special and not feel bad about hurting someone else in the process and shop to your heart’s content during the 11.11 Sale!

You don’t need an excuse to party with your single friends


It is always fun to party with your single friends and Singles Day gives you a reason to do it! If you are in a relationship, you end up end up with friends who are couples as well and this can get boring. It is only natural to miss the company of your bachelor friends but when you are in a relationship, you tend to look for reasons to hang out with them! But when you are single, you can have all the fun, your way!

You can do all the things you love without a worry


This is another reason why people love to be single. Whether it is fishing or parasailing or trekking or racing or for that matter anything else, you can do whatever you please to without thinking much about someone else. Apart from all the fun-filled activities you can also shop and splurge and do exactly what your heart feels like! You can bring home the latest in fashion and technology during the Single’s Day Sale.

You can celebrate whichever way you want


There are days like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day to celebrate a couple’s love! Although these are truly special days, you always have to bear in mind your partner’s preferences when it comes to celebrations and go their way. But if you are single, you can celebrate this day in your own special way without having to think of another person, which can be liberating in a way!

You can make BIG savings

big-savingsYou can look forward to saving some great money on Singles Day owing to the sales across online sites for every product you can think of. If you want to buy the latest gizmo or the newest fashion in town, you can splurge on Singles Day and yet not feel the pinch on your pocket! You can possess the best of everything and feel wonderful about it! You can add the latest in fashion to your own wardrobe with the help of Lazada Malaysia!

On Single’s Day, you can think only about yourself – OFFICIALLY without a care in the world! You can party, shop and have the time of your life on this special day that is dedicated to singledom!