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Select Your Accommodation In Your Budget For New Year Celebration

Getting away for vacations is a thing we all love. And it is also one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday season. Heading out to a holiday destination to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, is one of the best ways for a New Year celebration. Although we love traveling to different places, it also costs money. Tickets, hotels, local sightseeing, etc. can all be very expensive if we do not plan and do it the right way. Just the way you book tickets when they are cheaper, there are ways in which you can also have economical stays at hotels. Here is how.


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  • Sign up for emails and newsletters – This is one of the best and inexpensive ways to stay at hotels. You can directly sign up with the hotels and stay updated with their offers and grab them when they are at their lowest. Although it is difficult to get such offers at the last minute but if you feature on their email list, you can certainly look forward to special concessions. On the other hand, sometimes booking last minute can also get you the best deals because hotels do slash their prices to attract guests! You can also call up the hotel directly to make your bookings. If you want Discounts on Travel & Holiday then try doing this for additional price cuts.
  • Book in advance – It is always advisable to book your hotel in advance just the way you buy your tickets at prices when they are the lowest. If you plan your vacation, then you get to stay at your favorite hotel and are also spared of all the stress of looking for a decent accommodation.
  • Opt for off-season bookings – Although this is the peak holiday season at most destinations across the world, you can always head out to a great place in time to celebrate New Year with family and friends. This is really not an off-season, but you can look for places that are not very popular with tourists this time of the year and get some great discounts on your hotel stay. You can use a Discount Code for a reasonable hotel stay.
  • Go for home stays – Home stays are gaining popularity all across the world. Most countries are promoting locals to offer a part of their homes for visitors to experience a slice of life with them. Home stays are not only economical but also comfortable and homely where you get home-cooked meals and experience the local lifestyle and culture.
  • Book online – With everything going online, booking hotels can as well be done through the web. There are several travel sites that tie up with hotels and you can easily book your stay through these. Hotels also have special offers and deals for customers that book through these travel portals. Take a look at Expedia Singapore to get some of the best deals this holiday season.
  • Choose packages – Whenever you book hotels, go for packages because they definitely work out cheaper. Look for services like airport pick and drop, breakfasts, Wi-Fi, gym, spas, room service, etc. because opting for these separately may end you up in spending more.

With the help of these steps, you can have inexpensive hotel stays and make the most of your holidays this season!