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Riding with the Pink – Malaysia’s First Only Women Taxi Service

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Riding Pink is Malaysia’s first ever Women’s transportation platform that was launched in 2016 with motive to provide women a flexibility with possible additional income and ensuring their safety by all means. Riding Pink is taxi service was founded by women, especially meant for women passengers, and consists of only female drivers.

Launched in Oct 2016, Riding Pink has tremendously marked its presence in Malaysia within a short span of time. According to sources, in the month of November they recorded about 100 trips and currently have over 100 drivers. With so many ride-sharing options and availability of public transport these days, Ride Pink came with a unique concept of providing safe and comfortable public transportation accessible to females. Most of the drivers are stay at home-mom, single parents or working moms for whom finding a job with flexible hours seems to be difficult as they are always juggling between the domestic commitments and work, hence with this background in mind Riding Pink started taxi service for women who can even seek additional income along with comfortable and secure journey.

By matching women drivers with women passengers, Riding Pink remains at the forefront and aims to make a difference to the lives of people and society at large by giving the best possible services, creating a safe environment for women and providing more job opportunities.

How Do You Book a Ride?

Riding Pink is yet to launch it mobile app but their services can be manually booked via their Facebook page or Whatsapp. The customers have to pre-book one day in advance. Riding Pink will then search for a driver from their database of registered drivers and will ask customers for their pick-up and drop-off points. If a person confirms that they want a ride, Riding Pink will send the details of the driver to the passenger along with the fare charges and the same way details of the passengers are intimated to the driver. Fare rates are calculated on a minimum fare they’ve set along with distance and some additional allowances for requests during peak hours. Riding Pink drivers usually have a valid driving license and the car they used is completely insured with not more than nine years old.

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The best thing about Riding Pink is that they provide recurring services. Recurring trips with demand of the same driver has shown to be increasing because of the familiarity and the comfort with the same driver, provided the drivers are available. However, if an emergency comes up for any driver, a replacement will then be assigned. Moreover, it has been seen that the parents also requesting for the same driver to pick their children up from school at the same time every day as they feel a sense of security with the known driver. They also provide hotline service that operates till late hours in the night. The purpose of this hotline is to provide support services to any women when required.

Overwhelming Response and Feedback

Riding Pink encourages feedback from all their passengers from every ride in order to further improve their service and adapt solutions to make their platform better. The passengers’ response has been extremely positive and encouraging. They feel secured and comfortable with female driver and other women around. Riding Pink is considered to be reliable and punctual, drivers are friendly and the fares are reasonable too.

‘Pink’ symbolizes empowerment of women and the color that females can relate to. Riding Pink has created a revolution in the Malaysia with the hope to provide women a service they can better relate to because the fellow drivers are women too.