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Redefine Your Fashion Style

Redefine Your Fashion StyleFor every woman there is one thing that they are very conscious about and that is their fashion style. It might be that the meaning of fashion is different for different people but the main essence of it remains. In the busy lifestyle of Malaysia where it is very difficult to take out some free time to go out shopping for them, online shopping stores are doing their best to bring in the necessities at the doorstep. Korean girls are very pretty, no doubt and that is why the urge to look the most fashionable is stronger than the girls of any other place. But how would you know what is the current trend in the market and what is the strong points of the market? Online shops such as Whitesoot and Reebonz have come up with innovative and up to the trends collection on their websites. One look at the website and you would know where to go and what to buy that suits your look.

The websites, once opened has different tabs that are there for you to browse through. The tabs have divided them into options like Brands, events, categories and pre owned. Each tab has a specific work to do and ends up different sections. The brand section gives you insight on the different brands that the websites stock. The event tab, on the other side, gives a view of the events that the websites have arranged and the glimpses of them. Whereas, the categories tab tells the visitors what are the different categories that the website provides its stocks for. Finally the pre owned tabs gives an insight of the visitors an idea of what the websites have stocked over the years.

Both the websites stock similar products but they are famous for their specialties. While Whitesoot is famous for the dresses, tops and bottoms that they sell, Reebonz is famous for the shoes that they sell. The shoes from Reebonz are basically made up of leather and that comes with a warranty period of sometime which makes them a must buy for all the customers. The pros of shopping online from these websites is that you can sit back and relax as you order your product and you can be sure of the fact that the product would reach your home on the fixed time that they have told you. The quality of the product is never at stake because you can complain to the websites if that is not right and no website wants bad reviews on their site.

You can sign in with all your details on the websites and the websites would save all the details that are needed for the buying of a product. You can also be assured that these websites are secured with high end security and will not leak out your details to any other third party. The only parties that would know about your personal details are you and the websites. You also have the facility of adding items to the cart. The cart is specifically made for you and you can add as many items as you can. At the end of the cart, you will see a place where the total amount of the items you have in your cart is given and from there you would be able to determine the amount you would have to pay for buying the products.

Since you have a cart where you can put all that you want to buy, so even though you do not have money right now, you can save them for later and buy them whenever you get time and money. The best part of online shopping is that you can log in to the website and buy the items of your cart or any other item that you would want to buy on the go and you need not stop and then click on the buy button and you can be assured that the items would be delivered to you. Another wonderful facility of having a cart at the online shopping site is that even though you forget to buy certain things, your cart will notify you and would also mail you that you have items which are to be bought from the website. These reminders help you not to forget about the fact that you have things that you have to buy.

Whenever you want to buy things from an online fashion boutique in Malaysia the first two names that comes in mind are Whitesoot and Reebonz. The different types and colours of dresses and other items that are available at the websites bring a fresh and new change in your wardrobe. They specialise in their pastel colours and light colours which are so beautiful whenever you wear them on a hot summer afternoon or on a day out. Another feature that catches everybody’s eyes when they visit the store is that both the websites give free express shipping throughout Malaysia on orders above RM120 and throughout Singapore on orders above $100.  The different items available on the website also are divided amongst the new arrivals category along with the category that houses all the other items available on the site prior to the arrival of the new items.

Whitesoot - women's online boutique in Malaysia

There are sales and discounts going on in the website most of the time which makes sure that a customer who has visited and bought items once from the websites, return and buy again from there. You can also start a carer by being a part of these websites and the details to which are given on the websites. It is possible that you have liked a product but are very confused on what the size of the product you are going to buy should be according to the website standards if it doesn’t match what you usually wear. In those instances, you need not worry for there is an option of size guide in the websites. This size guide helps the customers to understand the way the website has chosen its sizes and they would guide you through the whole process of knowing which size would fit you.

Alternatively, you can call up their customer care or talk to them on the instant pop up chat options that come up whenever you open a website to clear the air about the issues that you face while selecting the size.

Even if the size doesn’t come up right when you receive them, there is an option of free returns on both the websites which is the reason you should not be much worried with the size of the products that you buy. Brands such as Celine, Chanel, Chloe, Burberry, Givenchy, Fendi, and Coach amongst the many others make up the major stock of the website. You need not worry much of the quality of these designer and branded items because they come with a 100% warranty card. The categories of items that are available are small leather goods, jewellery, accessories, time piece, apparels, bags and shoes. Throughout the whole of Malaysia if you would want to get fashionable luxury bags, you should visit Reebonz and check their collection out.

Reebonz Luxary Fashion Bags

Every design and every product being a bit different from the other, this website does its best to bring forth wonderful and unique items for every person. This makes sure that you don’t get to encounter another person having the same product as yours and all the products that you buy from the website are yours only. If you go to the pre owned category you will see that there are many options that are similar to the categories but the stock is very different and you will know that once you click on the option that you would want to buy. Not only for yourself, have these websites and their products made for the best gifts to any person from your side.

The websites, once opened, will also show you pictures and options of items which are on demand in them so that you can see what are the items that most people are buying. There are clearance sales at many points of the year where you get all the items that you would want to buy with up to a 60% of off on each option that you choose. Apart from that, you get options of choosing what you want to buy from the categories that divide the style of the items available on the website. Termed as a ladies paradise shops, you can get your items on the basis of the glitter on them, which trend would do best in the sunshine, long champ, spring wear, eye spy, colour code and many other options. This division in the categories according to the styles help you stick to one fashion and one style whenever you go to buy your items because there are many times when you are confused with what trend should go with what. The ease of access of both the websites also acts as a catalyst in attracting more and more people to the websites.