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Namshi Black Friday Sale and Souq Black/White Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

Fridays are fun, but they are even more fun when you get to shop all your favorite stuff at lowest possible prices. Fridays in UAE mean that the weekend has just started and what is better than shopping your heart out! And the most special Friday of the year is almost here. If you are wondering what this is all about then, gear up for the most amazing shopping extravaganza of the year because you are about to witness the grand Black Friday Sale across the country and across all stores both offline and online. There are numerous offers that you shall come across that help you save your hard-earned dirhams when you shop during this special period. If you are not too sure about what’s on offer, then read on.

Get the Best for Your Home from Souq Black Friday Sale/Souq White Friday Sale

Souq Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday Sale got its name from black ink that was used by retailers back in the USA to mark their profits while red ink indicated losses. But since black is commonly associated with ill luck in Arabian culture, well-known UAE based e-commerce giant, Souq.com has named this mega sale as the White Friday Sale, simply to denote positivity associated with this annual shopping event. MEA’s best online retailer Souq offering the Black Friday Sale from 22nd Nov to 25th Nov 2017.

The Souq Black Friday Sale offers massive discounts and deals up to 70%, allowing you to buy more for less money. You can find a wide range of products like mobiles, electronics, accessories, fashion items as well as daily essentials from the supermarket for your home and family. This mega sale this year is all set to have more than 500000 products on offer in exclusive partnerships with several leading brands. Free shipping, same day shipping, new products, installments, etc. are few more advantages you can enjoy when you shop from here.

Shop the Best of Fashion at The Namshi Black Friday Sale

namshi black friday sale
The Black Friday Sale is a shopping event that started out in the USA but is gaining popularity worldwide. This special Friday falls soon after Thanksgiving allowing people to shop for upcoming Christmas festival. But this last Friday in November has become famous more as a shopping festival wherein retailers of all products and services come up with mind-blowing offers. If you love fashion, then the Namshi Black Friday Sale is where you ought to head to during this special period. Sale period is 19th Nov to 27th Nov 2017. You can buy all the latest fashion and stock up on your wardrobe staples with discounts that go up to 70%. Whether it is garments, accessories, bags, shoes or anything else that you need, you can save with major discounts across all product categories.  Favorite brands, runaway fashion trends, colors, sizes, textures, styles, you are sure to find what you exactly want at this fashion store.

November is here and the countdown for the Black Friday sale has begun. You can make your wish list, set up alerts and take maximum advantage of the discounts offered during this period. Many stores also offer pre-sale discounts as a run-up to the final event so keep an eye and add all that you need to your cart!