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Must Visit 5 Best Cultural Sights in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a traveler’s delight! Everyone who has been to this magical city always wants to go back for more because of it everything in equal measures. Although known for its glitzy malls and jet-setting high life, Hong Kong also has a rich cultural heritage and if you are planning a trip to this island anytime soon, make sure that you include a few of these sites in your itinerary for sure. Hong Kong owes most of its traditions and cultural influences to China and is also home to a sizable Chinese population. Read on to know about a few such popular sites that bear testimony to city’s Oriental culture and practices.

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum

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As the name suggests, you can check out Hong Kong’s history if you visit this museum in Sha Tin. Ancient artifacts spread over six galleries including the Cantonese Opera Hall give you a glimpse of the city’s art, culture, and history. Beautiful costumes of Chinese opera singers and a bamboo shed theater are a few other highlights of this sprawling museum. You can book your travel to Hong Kong with an Expedia Promotion Code for good discounts on tickets and stay.

Lam Tsuen

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Located in the Fong Ma Po village, near the Tin Hau temple that is dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea, this shrine has two banyan trees that are also known as the wishing trees making them a unique attraction in Hong Kong. The tradition has people writing their wishes on paper and tying them to an orange before throwing them up these trees. According to the popular belief, a person’s wishes would come true if the paper hung through any of the tree branches. However, this practice has now been banned to protect and preserve the aging trees. But you can nevertheless visit the place and enjoy the charming surroundings. If you use a Ctrip Promotion Code for your online travel bookings, you can enjoy additional price cuts and concessions.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

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The Chinese are steeped in culture with several religious practices. This is the reason that you can find many temples and shrines across Hong Kong that give you a peek into an exciting heritage. This shrine known to answer all prayers is visited by devotees to redeem their sins. Another interesting practice that you can witness here is ‘ kau cim’ or fortune telling that involves wooden sticks inscribed with oracles to be shaken in a bamboo cup. Even if you are not interested in such practices, this temple is certainly worth the visit for its architecture and magnificence.

Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

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Lantau Island is an important part of Hong Kong that you cannot miss as it has some of the city’s most loved attractions including the Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha. This shrine is an architectural masterpiece that also houses the largest bronze Buddha statue of 34 meters. It also has a 6-ton heavy bell that rings 108 times a day giving you another reason to visit this amazing site in Hong Kong. Using coupons from Paylesser Hong Kong is a great way to save a few dollars on your travel to Hong Kong.

Pak Tai Temple

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The Wan Chai neighborhood in Hong Kong is another slice of Chinese heritage. With quite a few temples, you can catch up with several events and exhibitions that speak of Hong Kong’s past and development. However, the Pak Tai temple is one that you must visit that houses a 400-year-old Pak Tai idol and beautiful murals depicting life in olden days of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is an interesting land that offers you lots in terms of entertainment. Right from its swanky up-market malls, nightlife to cultural centers this city gives you an exposure like no other. So pack your bags and head to Hong Kong for all the fun you want to have.