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Must Do Desert Safari: Famous Activity in UAE

dune bashing

Dubai is unlimited fun! There are scores of things that you can do while you are at this amazing destination and have great times with family and friends. Apart from shopping, eating, rollercoaster rides and a slice of glitzy life, you can have a unique experience at the deserts in Dubai. The desert safari is one of the most exciting things that you can do in Dubai. Visitors are actually spoilt for choice when it comes to the wide variety of activities that you can do as a part of the desert safari which is indeed fascinating. Here is list of things that you can do when you embark on a desert safari in Dubai whether morning or evening.

Dune Bashing: This is one of the most interesting and fun-filled things that you can do as a part of your desert safari in Dubai. You need to board a SUV, that is driven by a skilled driver who takes you up steep sand dunes at breakneck speed, crashing upon them. Deserts have a dynamic landscape with dune formations that are ever changing. So, wear your seatbelts and enjoy this bit of thrill which is much more fun than even rollercoasters.

Sandboarding: Also, known as sand surfing, this activity is packed with adventure. All you need to do is strap your feet to the board as you surf atop the sand dunes. You do not need any training for this and can be done with ease even by first-timers. You can go for it either early in the morning or evening to avoid extreme day temperatures. You can use Groupon Dubai promo code for discounts for all kinds of local activities while you are in Dubai.


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Camel Safari: Camel rides can be incredible fun at the desert safari. You can explore and ride through vast expanses of endless sand atop camels that are guided by experts at a leisurely pace. These are ideal during sunsets as they allow you to witness breathtaking scenes of the sun going down.

Camel Desert Safari

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Barbeque Dinner: Freshly roasted meats on a real fire give you an unforgettable experience at any of the barbecue dinners in the deserts. You can have sumptuous mouthwatering meals comprising meats, salads with spices, condiments and other Arabic specialties along with desserts and drinks in the backdrop of Arabian music making it a complete package to be enjoyed.

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Henna Tattoos: Temporary henna tattoos are a part of the fun when you are on a desert safari. There are several artists with henna cones, ready with their creations on your hands and legs. Natural, painless, artistic, this traditional art is something you should certainly try when you are here.

Overnight stay: Staying on for the night in any of the many camps is one of the best ways to experience the desert. You can stay in the tents, treat yourself to great food and entertainment for a full 24 hour. You can also find luxurious villa style tents, simple ones with all the amenities needed for a night stay at affordable prices. You can book in advance to get some good discounts at Paylesser UAE.

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Quad-biking: This is another thrilling activity that you can go for while you are at the desert safari. You can feel the adrenalin rushes as you whizz through the desert atop your quad bike. All it takes is a few minutes to get adjusted to the new machine as you gradually gain complete control driving through the sand dunes.

When you are Dubai, you can do more than you can imagine because Arabian adventures are simply amazing. It does not matter what you have on your wish-list, make sure that a fun-filled desert safari is a part of your agenda for sure. You can check out various local tours to find out the most economical option and also book online. Compare the activities and choose ones that thrill you most because Dubai can be enchanting in many unforgettable ways than one. However, remember to wear light cotton clothing for maximum comfort as the desert temperatures can be pretty high during day. Also, carry warm clothes if you plan to stay the night and your own camera to capture all the thrills that you can bring back home.