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Mivo Phone Review with Specifications

mivo mobile phones

Technological revolution in the world is perhaps at its best. You can see several advancements that have made life way easier for us. Smart phones and devices are one such innovation that is almost indispensable for us. A phone these days is much more than a simple means of communication. We click pictures, check mails, shop for everything, conduct banking transactions, follow our social media accounts, prepare shopping lists, track our fitness levels and do a host of other things with the help of our phones. This is the reason that we need the latest technology in our hands for more ease and convenience in our lives. And if you are in Malaysia, then you surely cannot miss the Mivo phones that are brilliant pieces of technology designed for modern times.

Mivo is a well-known brand in Malaysia that has several models launched in various series. You can choose from the M Series, MV Series and the Neo Series. Mivo phones are all equipped with all the latest features that promise exceptional performance and allowing you to accomplish all your tasks with immense ease as well as convenience.

Latest Features of Mivo Mobile Phones

  • Screen Size – Most Mivo mobile phones are at least 5” long making it a convenient size to use as well as carry. The screen size gives you a good display without much strain on the eyes helping you to browse and go through contents with ease.
mivo mobile phones

Source: mivo.com.my

  • Camera – Mivo phones have excellent front as well as back cameras that help you click all kinds of pictures from different angles. High definition cameras allow you to capture minute details of subjects making you a pro at photography!
  • Processor – QuadCore processors ensure smooth and fast functioning of all Mivo phones without any glitches. You can browse various shopping sites to know Mivo Phone price in Malaysia.
  • Battery – All Mivo phones come with removable batteries that are designed for extended performances. These batteries do not take too long to charge and also let you multitask for long hours.
  • Warranty – Whenever you buy a Mivo phone you get a warranty that covers you for damages that might affect your phone.

Apart from these technical specifications Mivo phones also have a whole lot of other features like:

  • Wake gesture is another feature that you can expect in most Mivo phones. This requires you to either double click the screen or draw a simple gesture to make your phone active.
  • Dual flash lights for selfie in the dark lets you capture some of your best images even at places that are dimly lit or even at night!
  • Answer the phone by simply waving your hand over the phone screen is a great feature in some Mivo phones as it does not require you to swipe or touch the phone screen.
  • Favorite apps on four smart keys let you have what you need most on your fingertips enabling ease and convenience of usage.
  • Incoming call circle light up shows up the caller in a circle, making it one of the most attractive features.

Now that you know about all the feature of this fantastic phone, you can easily buy one online if you are in Malaysia and have a great time with a few inches of mind-blowing technology in your hands!