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Makeup Tips and Tricks to Look Beautiful

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We adore great beauty tips, so we’ve gathered together our best get-stunning tricks in one spot. Whether you need to figure out how to make the ideal wavy hair or catch up on your smoky eye procedure, you’ll discover beauty tips aplenty to help you get beautiful from head to toe.

What precisely makes the ideal selfie? There are sure pre-selfie makeup hacks and tips that essentially ensure an awesome looking photograph! Besides, we need to know how to look great in pictures so the pictures we are tagged in on Facebook and other social sites won’t humiliate us. Here are a couple of tips on the best way to look great in pictures using make up! These are tips that can be for an expert picture taker’s shot or even only for your phone camera!



Apply your eye cosmetics first so that your eye shadow doesn’t mess up your foundation.

Doing your eye makeup before you apply your foundation permits your skin to look its freshest, since you can wipe away any eye shadow or mascara deposit that falls onto your cheeks without a trace. Simply remember that less is best, so begin with a delicately shaded shadow and afterward expand on that to make certain you don’t apply excessively. Do not over do your cosmetics as it can quickly make you look more aged in real life and particularly in photographs.

Line the upper internal edge of your eye.

In the event that you truly need a characterized eye, follow the upper inward edge of your eye with a waterproof eyeliner to make your lashes look that much more full, and to help characterize the shape of your eye.

Include heaps and heaps of mascara.

After you’ve done with your eye shadow and liner of choice, swipe on a couple of layers of mascara. Wearing heaps of it opens up the eye and brings focus to it; in the event that you don’t have on any mascara in a picture, you’ll vanish. A surefire approach to apply it is to flicker down onto the brush head, so it gets truly near to the lash line, and afterward squirm it to the finishes of your lashes. This method truly covers them from root to tip.

Attempt a marginally sheer foundation

In pictures, its important that your skin looks immaculate, however you likewise need it to resemble your skin, not completely concealed. So, in the event that you have spot and you need them to show, however you have redness somewhere else that you need to camouflage, for instance, try for an foundation that is sheer, yet offers coverage. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15 and Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation are the perfect blend of foundations to choose from. You can find them at Rakuten Singapore. You will get these brands at reasonable cost by using Rakuten Singapore deals. Just remember to sign up for their newsletters and you will get the fresh deals and offers mailed directly to your inbox.

Put foundation on your ears.

In case you’re somebody whose ears get hot and red regularly, its vital to address them with foundation so they don’t pop in a picture and look completely separate from your face. Basically prepare your ears with the same base that you spread onto to your face and neck, that way your whole application is consistent and you look perfect and natural.

Skip highlighting the inward “V” corners of your eyes.

Staying away from champagne-shaded highlighter or shadow on the internal corner of your eyes. It’s a full-on look that regularly doesn’t read well on camera. Rather, utilize concealer over that area, and over any dark circles you may have, to light up your eyes.

Create angles and countour your face with a blush brush

Contouring is about pointing out your great features and shadowing the ones you would prefer not to highlight. Utilizing a blush brush, which applies the matte bronzer all the more directly to your skin, blush along your hairline as well, over your forehead, under your cheekbones, and on the underside of your jawline to give your face a more rakish appearance. Try the Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Tapered Blush Brush and Cargo Bronzer for best application. Buy cosmetics and skincare at Luxola, you can find make up tools and branded cosmetics at Luxola at really cheap rates. And cheap doesn’t mean that Luxola compromises on quality, you get top-notch quality of makeup and makeup applicators at Luxola.

If you are not a fan of bronzer then you can apply blush for creating dimensions.

Blush can likewise be utilized to make shape and create contour to the face. Regardless of the fact that the photograph is high contrast, with blush on your cheekbones, despite everything you’ll have the look of definition. Simply pick a shade that is a bit darker and not your normal delicate rosy pink shade, so it pops on cam. To apply it legitimately, dab your blush brush over the cheek color, tap off any overabundance on the off chance that its a powder, smile, and afterward delicately brush on the blush over the apple of your cheeks and extend out to the highest point of your ear, stopping before your hairline. We recommend using Tom Ford Cheek Color in Flush, a powder that suits any skin complexion, as it doesn’t have any chestnut, orange, or red undertones, which is the thing that makes it generally complimenting.

Fill in your eyebrows.

A solid eyebrow offers structure to your eyes and face. Just by filling in your eyebrows with a pencil, powder, or eyebrow mascara so that they look more full and more can open up your eyes such a great deal additionally, abandoning you with included definition. Try Maybelline New York Define-a-Brow Pencil, Anastasia Brow Powder Duo, or Nars Colored Brow Gel for the more defined brows.

Glisten your lips for a youthful sparkle.

In any picture, you generally need to verify your lips are hydrated, so they don’t look flaky on cam. So whether you utilize a tinted lip balm, glossy lipstick, or a lip-gloss, always strive for that hydrated look. In case you’re striving for a more matte lip look, dab a touch of lip balm over your lips, so hopefully they don’t look dry. Moist lips look more vibrant.

Dab your face with concealing tape.

Pat masking tape all over your face, before powdering it, to pick any deposit that fell under your eyes as your cosmetics settled. The stickiness is sufficient to snatch bits of eye shadow and mascara, yet isn’t solid to such a degree as to remove your remove or concealer. Then, sweep translucent powder over the face. Doing as such splashes up the oil all over that will overall interface with the flash and make hot spots. Apply La Mer The Powder to your  T-zones, utilizing a little powder brush to get best results.

Brush your hair with a Boar bristle brush to keep frizz under control.

Brush your hair

Continuously tame your flyaways before taking a picture, if you don’t want your hair to look crimped in the picture. Comb your hair using Boar bristle brush before somebody snaps a picture of you, this really helps to calm the frizz out of your hair. Try Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush, a blend of boar and nylon bristles that will help to make your hair look shinier and softer with volume and control.

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