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Introducing, Reliance Jio plans for internet data, calling and free SMS

What is that one integral word without which the ever important life of humans worldwide will either lose its charm and appeal on one end or totally cease to exist on the very other? The simple unanimous answer remains Connectivity. May it be the comfortable world of one’s home, the competitive environment of the corporate ladder, the joy some experience in the marketplace or the relaxing and refreshing stay at the weekend getaway, the word connectivity has transformed from being a luxury to necessity. And what better way to stay connected if not with the indicatively fascinating world of Internet?

A Raging Storm – Reliance Jio


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When the talk is about the empowering world of Internet, how can the talk of the town Reliance Jio, be any behind in the quest for superior performance at mouthwatering tariffs and plans?

With Reliance Jio offering plans across two diverse mobile connectivity platforms, with Prepaid plans forming one arm and the Post Paid plans the other, Reliance has come with an answer to the question of every user.

Absurdly Fast, Absurdly Economical

It prides itself in offering, lightning fast internet with lucrative plans and tariffs, for every unique type of consumer ranging from a teenager, collegiate, employee, businesses and aged. With something tantalizingly unique for every consumer Reliance Jio is not just ringing bells in the hearts of India but equally so in the minds too.

On the prepaid front, it showers its valued customers with a wide range of exciting and empowering plans. While on one hand it offers plans starting from a meager 19 rupees for the cost conscious and less demanding youngsters and individuals on the very other it empowers avid internet users and businesses with plans up to rupees 4999. With lightning fast speed, full credit to 4G, the super brand offers data usage limits from 0.1 GB to 150 GB, with the bright news being the valued customer being blessed with unlimited night data irrespective of the plan. Thinking this is all? Get ready to be bombarded with more. With unlimited local and national SMS facility on one end to Free calling with ISD calling at absurdly low rates on the very other, with the added flexibility of availing this service for 1 day, 7 days, 21 days or the full month Reliance Jio has brought a world of Internet connectivity unlike any other.

Connectedness for Every Soul – By Jio and Paylesser India

The Reliance Jio is equally exciting and engaging on the postpaid front too. With tariffs starting from rupees 149 on one end and extending to rupees 4999 on the other, it meticulously ensures it doesn’t leave any person untouched and un-enhanced. It brings to its valued consumers lightning fast 4G speeds with data limits spanning over 0.3GB for the money saver pack to 75GB to the heavy user pack. With WiFi Data over Hotspot and a plethora of Jio Apps on the other, the super brand ensures nothing that keeps you happy is ever left out. With unlimited local and national voice calling and equally empowering free national and local SMS facility, Reliance Jio has hit the nail on the head, striking hearts and minds of the Indian market.


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Empowering Revolution Begins

The biggest news comes in the form of these plans becoming active from January 2017, as for the present Reliance is throwing data speeds, data usage, voice calling, SMS’s facility unlike no other. One can get a free SIM from any Reliance store with basic personal documents and avail free data, calling and SMS irrespective of the plans till December 31, thereby making freebies and benefit offers which remain unmatched in the internet and telecom history.

Serving Amateurs and Professionals Alike

So may you be a student requiring internet to learn the process of photosynthesis, a household person wanting to stream your movies or serials live, a business professional using Skype on every occasion possible or a grandparent using Facebook to stay in touch with your grandchildren, Reliance Jio, will not just make your life more convenient, easy and fun but equally so empowering. So why look for other service providers, when lightning fast speeds and mouthwatering tariffs are either a click or a shop visit away.

Get Reliance Jio and experience the magic of empowerment.