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5 Mind-Blowing Ideas to Surprise Him & Her on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the best ways to add some spark to your relationship. It does not matter whether you have been married for years or are at just the beginning of your relationship, you can take a notch above on this special day. Although marked for romantic partners, you can also use this day as a chance to express your heartfelt feelings to your loved ones including close friends and relatives. However, if you do have that one special person in your life, make the most of Valentine’s Day 2017 with Valentine’s Day Deals and Offers and reinforce your love for your partner in more ways than one. There are many ways for you to create surprises and make it an unforgettable day. Read on to know about some of these ideas.


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There are many things that you can do for the one special man in your life. Feelings can be expressed in numerous ways and you need to find out how to best express them. Apart from telling him what you feel, you also need to make him feel special and loved. Check out the following ideas to do so.

  • Leave Love Notes on the Car – Men love their cars so you can stick small love notes on your man’s car! You can scroll out different lines and messages that could be flirty, naughty, emotional on each note, making them unique. You can also have imprint impressions of your lips with a dark colored lipstick and add personal touch to each note.
  • Buy Him Tickets to his Favorite Event – Men love sports too so you can buy tickets or passes to your man’s favorite sporting event in town. Rugby, football, horse racing, car racing, adventure sports, etc. are a few options that you can look through.
  • Get the Latest Gadget – Gizmos and gadgets are almost synonymous with men! Headphones, home theatre, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, etc. are a few things you can gift your husband or boyfriend on February 14th this year and make it special for him. You can check out Lazada Philippines for all the latest gadgets.
  • Send Him a Photo Collage – Look through your picture galleries and select photos that take him down memory lane about your relationship with him. You can create a collage of several such photographs and fix them in frame and make the gift unique.
  • Meal with Symbols of Love – If your man loves food, then you can cook him his favorite meal and decorate it with love symbols. You can either serve rice in a heart shape or cut veggies in shapes like lips, kisses or hearts for some uniqueness. You can use a Lazada Voucher Code to get all your groceries and special ingredients at lower prices.



Women are quite easy to please contrary to the belief that aren’t. It feels great to be loved but even better if you make your partner feel loved. So do so with some fresh new ideas this Valentine’s Day and make it one of the most memorable ones.

Give Her 14 Roses – Flowers are loved by all women. So, make sure that a few blooming beauties are a part of this day special day. You can send them along with your gift as a surprise delivery and enjoy all the fun. Look at Valentine Day Deals and Offers to get the best one if you are shopping online.

Write Reasons Why You Love Her – Little gestures like this are something that all women love. You can write down all the reasons and other good things about her because this is a day when you need to tell her how special she is. You can scribble these on little notes and keep them at different places like refrigerators, lingerie closet, spice cupboard, etc.

Go Where You did for Your First Date – Take her to the place that you went to for your first date with her and relive all the memories. You can order the same food, have the same conversations and strike an emotional chord.

Gift Her Fancy Lingerie – Lingerie makes every woman look and feel beautiful from inside out. Fancy lacy stuff can be a great gift for your lady love and one of the best ways to add some spark to your love life. You can check out Zalora Philippines for Fancy Lingerie and more gifts. You can use a Zalora Promo Code to get all your shopping and you can save mony.

Take a Trip Together – You can surprise your wife or girlfriend to a quick weekend getaway if not for a longer vacation and give her a wonderful surprise. Check out various offers on travel site and go for the option that meets your budget.

Love is a gift of life that we should all treasure. It can come to you in many forms through different people. Whoever has a special place in your life needs to be told so and there can be no better chance than the upcoming Valentine’s Day. So go out of your way, spring surprises on your partner and enjoy happy delightful expressions with these ideas!