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Is Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Worth Visiting?

Is Hong Kong Disneyland (Magical Disney Land )Hotel Worth Visiting?

And, the answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!!. Hong Kong Disneyland is absolutely worth visiting. The happiest place in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland is located at Lantau Island, a small island located just outside Hong Kong. The hotel is a 10-minute walk from the main entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland and complimentary shuttle facility is available which come every five to ten minutes or a 20-minute taxi drive. It is a 14-minute walk from MTR Disneyland Resort Station.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is the best place to stay while enjoying Disneyland Park. or do a healthy walk for around 700 metres in a nice and convenient surrounding. It’s a perfect place for travel with family to Disneyland. It is worth it to stay in this place with the magic of Disney. Refreshing environment and many Disney characters you can find there everywhere. Especially if you are visiting there with your kids, dining with Disney characters and get a chance to meet your favourite Disney characters will be the best moment for your kids.

Disneyland Hong Kong Hotels provides modern rooms equipped with a mini bar, plus all the necessities to ensure a comfortable stay. There are also a number of rooms. The 400-room hotel consists of Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Sea View Rooms, Sea View Rooms with Balconies and Kingdom Club Rooms. Hong Kong Disneyland hotels offer a variety of accessibility services for guests .At Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel you can enjoy live performance of Disney music. Complimentary wireless internet is available in public areas, as well as inside the garden for guests.

The Hong Kong Disneyland hotel is great hotel with comfy beds, quiet rooms, and great service. You can book in advance from online hotel reservation sites to get discounted rates. Ctrip offers, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel online reservation, hotel rooms, deals & discounts for hotel bookings. Find more hotels in Hong Kong on Ctrip at discounted price.

Hong Kong Disneyland Main Attractions

1. Fantasyland 

Fantasy World

Source: mouseinfo

Fantasyland, it’s like a world of fun, excitement. people go there to experience things like – Casey Jr. circus train, Dumbo the flying elephant, Mr. toads wild ride. Peter pan’s fight, royal hall, storybook land canal boats, snow 18white’s scary adventures, theater, restaurants for refreshments, shops to purchase some goods and so many other adventures are there. The name clarifies that it’s a world to fulfill your fantasies.

2. Main Street USA

Main Street USA

Source : thetimethespace

It’s land famous for trains and castles from its starting to the end. In between it contains many stops for enjoy and having fun. All the main streets have a train except Tokyo and Shanghai Disney resort. Stylish parks, main street cinemas, main street vehicle, Mickey mouse’s parade, Main street arcade, main street electrical parade and the Disneyland band is also a major attraction of Hong Kong Disneyland.

3. Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land

Source : i65.tinypic

It’s a land of happiness located at Walt Disney Studios Park, Hong Kong Disneyland. It might be sounds amazing to see all those characters and toons in reality, which are always on the top of our television entertainment. It was opened on 18 November 2011. The amazing view from the roller coaster whenever it goes up will take you to another level, Slinky Dog Zigzag spin is heart of a toy story playland, toy soldier parachute drops and many more.

4. Mystic Point

Source : parksandresorts.wdpromedia

Chinese tradition is full of mysteries and curiosity and Mystic point is one of them. It has haunted Mansion surrounded with forests and have a lot of mysteries inside with amazing story, where you can find only when you enter in it. Mystic Point is the best place to visit with friends because the site holds plenty of excitement in it.

5. Grizzly Grunch

Grizzly Grunch

Source : 3.bp.blogspot

A place with mountains rides of roller coaster constructed in area of 88 feet. It is the main attractive part of Disneyland which is designed by Walt Disney Imagineering and was started on 14th July 2014. It will be a wonderful experience to take one ride on that.

6. Adventureland


Source : 4.bp.blogspot

Adventureland is the place which release all stress and burdens of your busy life, it has lots of theme parks which provides a magical adventure. It surrounds with Non-American totem poles, exotic animal statues, Indiana jones adventure, jungle cruise, Tarzan’s tree house, magnolia park, big safari shooting gallery and for refreshment restaurants are there with delicious food.

7. Tomorrowland


Source: disneytouristblog

The land with the technology and vision of future is Tomorrowland Scientists are making space or you can say that a place where children can visit to know about growth and achievements of our science. Some of them are – astro orbiter, autopia, Disneyland monorail, space mountain, star wars launch bay, star tours and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Hong Kong Disneyland for all the fun you want to have.