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Most Exciting Philippine Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

philippine festivals

The Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries that you can ever visit. Made up of numerous islands, this tropical country has more than you can ever imagine. Apart from its colorful and picturesque natural beauty that is obvious at every destination, you can also enjoy the rich cultural heritage of this country and treat yourself to some wonderful experiences. Here is a list of such festivals that you shall simply love to witness in this beautiful country.

Ati-Atihan, Kalibo, Aklan


This festival is a celebration of Santo Nino similar to the Sinulog festival in Cebu City in the month of January. People wearing traditional dresses and weapons with the entire body painted in black, march along around the town with loud drumbeats. It is a unique ambiance that you can look forward to for sure. Stay at different hotels according to your budget during this time and use promo code Philippines for discounts.

Dinagyang Festival – Iloilo City

Dinagyang Festival

This is another festival that is celebrated in the month of January on the fourth weekend and one of the largest in the country. The city transforms itself into a huge open-air festival where you can taste some delicious local food, enjoy live music by bands, view group dances, witness competitions, etc. which make it a colorful and extravagant spectacle. You can travel to the Philippines at affordable prices with an Agoda promo code.

Panagbenga Festival – Baguio City

Panagbenga Festival

Celebrations in the Philippines continue into February with this festival that goes on for a month. Different traditions to celebrate the blooming season of flowers and rising up from the devastating earthquake that rocked Luzon in 1990 are observed. You can see various colorful floats decorated with different flowers, street dancers wearing flower inspired dresses and dancing along the city’s streets and enjoy yourself.

Pahiyas Festival, Lucban, Quezon

Pahiyas Festival

Observed on May 15th, this event is held to celebrate the harvest season. People decorate their houses with bright colors and vegetables hanging as a part of the decorations. If you wish you can also pick vegetables free of cost and also enjoy shopping!

Sirong Festival, Surigao del Sur

Sirong Festival

If you are in the Philippines in the month of August, you can enjoy this festival that is observed on the 15th. Various group war dances depicting the conflict between the Muslims and Christians is the most important part of this festival. Various travel offers from Paylesser Philippines can help you have budget-friendly travel to this beautiful country.

MassKara Festival, Bacolod City

MassKara Festival

Held on October 19th every year in Bacolod City, this festival has people wearing colorful masks adorned with feathers, flowers, native beads, painted designs, etc. Happy dancing people can be seen enjoying during this festival which means Mass (crowd) and Kara (face).

Giant Lantern Festival, San Fernando

Held during the weekend just before Christmas Eve in the Christmas Capital of the country, San Fernando, you can witness giant sized lanterns in an interesting competition. These lanterns go up to fifteen meters in diameter and are created from completely indigenous materials. The lanterns are exhibited in a grand parade before the midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

Giant Lantern Festival, San Fernando

If you are planning to visit this country, then try to make it during any of these festivals to enjoy its local culture at its best. On the other hand, if your trip coincides with any of these events, then make sure you participate for a fulfilling and unforgettable Filipino experience in full fervor.