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Some Essential Skin Care Tips for Teenage Skin

Beauty may be more than skin deep but every woman needs to take adequate care of her skin. This skin care regimen should start right since teenage years that helps retain the suppleness and elasticity. If you are a teenager, then this post is certainly for you as it shares some valuable tips that you need to maintain a healthy glowing skin. Busy lifestyles and hectic schedules make it skin care a difficult task but it takes just a few days to form a few rewarding habits that shall reap your rich returns in the long run. If you are wondering what these habits are, read on.

Follow the Cardinal CTM Rule

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Developing the cleansing-toning-moisturizing rule is one of the basic yet most effective measures for radiant skin. Always clean your face with a light face wash, tone it and then apply moisturize it. choose the right products for these depending upon your skin type. Use water based products if you have oily or combination skin and cream or oil based ones for dry skin for the right results. Also remember to exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of dead cells and uncover new skin beneath. You can buy all kinds of products for your skin care routine with an Althea Coupon Code.

Never Sleep with Makeup on

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As a teenager, you may have a busy life that leaves you with no time. But do spare a few minutes before bedtime to remove all makeup from your face. Even if you apply basic products, your face should be completely clean before you hit the sack every night. This is because you skin needs to breathe and repair its cells while you sleep. Residual particles from makeup can clog the pores leading to pimples or acne preventing healthy growth of skin. You can buy the best of makeup with an Althea Ph Coupon of best makeup brands at discounted prices.

Drink Plenty of Water


Water is the elixir of life so make sure you have plenty of it. Water hydrates the skin making it soft and supple. Less water intake makes your skin more prone to fine lines and wrinkles owing to the dryness. Consume at least seven to eight glasses of water each day for best results. You can also have fresh fruit and vegetable juices but try to stay away from caffeinated and aerated drinks as they damage your skin. You can buy a wide range of the best skin care products at low prices with Zalora Promo Code Ph.

Eat fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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What you eat in your teenage years is also very important. Lack of time and lifestyle choices make teenagers to eat fast food loaded with unhealthy calories while on the go! But one should try to limit the intake of such foods and have fresh fruits and vegetables to get the right nutrients for your skin. This may seem like a boring food option, but make sure you have at least one fresh fruit and a helping of salad each day!

Use Good Brands


This is another thing that you should keep in mind. It always pays to use products of good brands for your skin. Reputed brands stick to quality standards and use appropriate ingredients to formulate their products. These may be a little pricey but are certainly worth the cost because they do not have any adverse effects on the skin unlike cheap unknown brands.

It is vital to care for your skin. Even if you cannot pamper itself with expensive products, making a few lifestyle changes can help you get great skin that shall make heads turn. You can be a winner all the way and look amazing with bright spotless skin with these tips.