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Buying the right wine can be quite a challenge for most unless you are a connoisseur. It is essential that you ascertain the quality of wine before you buy one. This is the reason why wine tasting has become a popular adventure. A wine tasting experience allows you to assess a wine on various parameters and lets you make the right choice.  Though the concept of wine tasting has been around for several centuries, it seems to have gained worldwide popularity only in the last couple of decades. If you love wine, then you ought to master the art of wine tasting and here is how you can go about it.

Tasting wine

Tasting wine, analyzing and rating it involves all your basic senses. You need to judge it with your eyes, nose and tongue. It is s the combination of looks, smell and taste that determine the quality and flavor of wine. The ‘Five S’ steps refer to see, swirl, sniff, sip and savor are a common method to evaluate wines. Let us see each of these steps one by one.

See: The color of wine is an important determinant of its quality. You need to see the color and clarity of the wine. Check the wine in a tilted glass against a white background. Red wines can vary in shades of maroon, ruby, red, garnet or even deep brown and sometimes also purple. While white wines are usually pale yellow, golden, amber or may even have a green tinge to it. There are many online wine stores like Wine Talk that allow you to taste wines and have amazing experiences. You can also buy them at lower prices like with Wine Talk discount code.

Swirl: The next step while testing wines is swirling to check for residues. Swirl the liquid in the glass a little and look for sediments. Older wines are darker in color as compared to the newer ones.

Smell: Next you need to smell the wine. This is one of the most important steps while you are tasting wine. You again need to swirl your glass for a few seconds and allow it to release its natural aroma. Be quick to smell. Do this several times and dip your nose into the glass to get the real flavor. You can get a wide variety of aromas like citrus, vanilla, flowers or oak to name a few.

Sip: Now that you have sniffed your wine, go ahead and take a small sip. Swirl the liquid around in your mouth and feel the taste. This is the very first taste of the wine that you shall feel in your mouth. This first impression is not the true flavor but just an initial feel which could be sweet, dry, heavy, light, soft or creamy.

Savor:Wines The last step is to savor the liquid and experience its true flavors. White wines could have a fruity flavor like apple, citrus or even herbs, honey, etc. with an earthiness while red wines have spiced and smoky flavors. As a conclusive step for wine tasting, you need to note the taste the wine has left in your mouth after you have swallowed it.

It is a wise idea to note down your observations at every stage so that you know what you have really liked in a wine so that you can buy one accordingly.