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Dubai Shopping Festival: Great Offers Hub Of The Middle East

DSF 2017

Dubai is the pride of this Middle Eastern country, completing the 7 emirates of the UAE on the Arabian Peninsula. Mostly it is known as the entertainment hub of the world, Dubai has grown very amazingly from being a small Bedouin village to one of the most popular and visited cities of the world.
Dubai is famous for its man-made wonders, amazing skyline, and oil supply, but except these wonders, Dubai is also known for its Dubai Shopping festival which is held every year. Well, the obvious reason Dubai shopping festival’s name comes as we think of Dubai and shopping is the fact that Dubai shopping festival is held on a massive global scale and attracts tourists from all parts of the world to be a part of it. There are many other facts about Dubai Shopping Festival that makes it a must visit. Read on.

 A peculiar Shopping Event 
The Dubai shopping festival started in 1996 as a trade event to grow and strengthen Dubai’s retail trade scenario the DSF. The DSF over the years has grown as the longest running entertainment and shopping event in the world. This event is one month long that happens every year in the first half of the year, mostly in January or February. It attracts more than three million tourists per year to Dubai.

A Sight to Behold 
The event starts off with a spectacular and tremendous show that shows Dubai’s rich culture and heritage. The famous and stunning light and sound show which comes along with the fireworks show is another ceremonial segment of Dubai shopping festival. These fireworks brighten up the night sky which elongates from Dubai Creek and Business Bay up to the Shindagha area.

Amazing Discount & Offers 
Take home your favorite products at the best price as more than 70 participating malls and retail outlets featuring international brands will offer tremendous discount ranging from 50% to 75% during Dubai shopping festival. Use Groupon UAE discount codes to get great discounts while shopping in Dubai shopping Festival.

Duty Free Shopping 

Dubai is a highly favored shopping destination globally because of the duty-free shopping. Well, that makes shopping during Dubai shopping festival more amazing.

Attractive Packages 
Most travel agencies in Dubai offers attractive and alluring packages so that they can promote the Dubai shopping festival and provide us with a hassle-free and economic shopping in Dubai. These packages usually cover accommodation, city tour, desert safari od the dunes of Dubai and cruise. It also offers Dubai shopping festival deals and offers so that you can shop with a little less cost.

Dubai shopping festival 2017

Global Village 
Dubai shopping festival’s mainstay is the Global Village – it is an open-air theme park that hosts and gives place to more than 70 participating country in more than 35 pavilions, in addition to a variety of fun rides and exciting shows such as Chinese circus and tightrope performance.

 Hub of Delicious Food 
The Dubai shopping festival is not just for the shopaholics. It is also a favorite place for all the foodies because the global village offers food as well as the shopping things. The food courts and restaurants offer a variety of ethnic cuisines and other cuisines that the people who come there enjoy a lot. In addition to ethnic specialties, the Dubai shopping festival also showcases culinary delights of diverse cultural background thus allowing you to savour delicacies from different parts of the world.

Health Check 

The event is also a time for Dubai shopping festival shoppers and visitors to monitor their health conditions and gain significant knowledge to detect as well as prevent the diverse effects of such health conditions as diabetes, blood pressure and obesity as with the Ministry of Health’s campaigns and stands dotted across the Dubai’s prominent malls throughout the Dubai shopping festival. Free health check-ups are provided for the shoppers of the Dubai shopping festival to create awareness on the symptoms and remedial measures to inhibit potential health risks. Use health and beauty coupons to get offers and discounts.

 Heritage Activities 
Experience the rich heritage of the region in Dubai shopping festival as the Dubai’s Heritage and Diving Village organizes a variety of activities, such as horse shows, folk dances and other traditional shows for the people who come for Dubai shopping festival.