Christmas and New Year Celebration in The Middle East

Christmas and New Year Deals

Christmas – the very mention of the word brings smiles to our faces! This last of all annual festivals is perhaps one of the best ways to bring the year to a close along with New Year Celebrations. Parties, festivities, shopping, traveling and dining mark this last week of the year wherein every person is a part of some revelry or other. The best part about this period is that you if you are the Middle East, you can make the most of it through various means because this region is a melting pot of cultures where every festival is celebrated with equal fervor and gaiety. You can choose any of the gorgeous cities in this region of deserts, camels, pyramids and be a part of mega-celebrations!

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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The capital city of UAE, you can have one of the most amazing and memorable New Year and Christmas celebrations while you are here. Fun-filled parties, exotic Arabia food, beach parties, entertainment along with stunning fireworks are some special attractions you can look forward to during the last week of the year. You can also check out various local attractions and entertainment options in this city and book deals through Paylesser UAE for wholesome enjoyment!

Dubai, UAE

Christmas Celebration in Middle East


This is undoubtedly one of the most dazzling destinations where you can be in the last week of the year. Splendid fireworks, glittering lights, foot tapping music and mouthwatering food, are some things that you can enjoy in this beautiful city. You can also enjoy the famous Dubai Shopping Festival which is underway at this time and enjoy mind-blowing shopping deals as well as Christmas and New Year Offers.

Istanbul, Turkey

Christmas and New Year Celebration in Middle East


If you wish to usher in the New Year with a truly different celebration in the Middle East, then this is the perfect destination for you. Splendid fireworks that are visible from different vantage points of the city are one of the highlights that mark special celebrations during this time of the year. The huge inflow of tourists from all over the world adds to the festive atmosphere that you can experience here!

Cairo, Egypt

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This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this region and you have lots more to do than marveling at the timeless pyramids! You can take trips along the Nile or be a part of celebrations in the Egyptian capital of Cairo itself. Live performances, bands, DJs, bars and party revelers make every evening fun and memorable.

Adagir, Morocco


If you are wondering what is special about this place at this time of the year, you need to visit it to understand! Pleasant weather, along with local music, dance and food make the perfect formula for a great year-end and Christmas celebration. Apart from that you can be a part of parties, special packages, exotic menus and a lot more in this spectacular country with a rich heritage.

You can also head to Bahrain, Beirut, Jordan, Petra and several other destinations that are packed with year-end celebrations. Do your own research and pick a destination that truly interests you. Plan a trip now and make online reservations to have a fun-filled and affordable trip and bring the year to a memorable close!