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Christmas Celebration in Malaysia 2017

Christmas Celebration in Malaysia

Christmas brings images of snowflakes, beautifully adorned pine trees, Santa Claus on his sledge, presents, fun times with family and friends, cakes and cookies – all coming together for a glittery celebration. And if you are in Malaysia, you can certainly witness some of these even if not a snowy Christmas. If you are in this beautiful country during this amazing festival, you can join the revelries of Christians and non-Christians alike, all coming together in a gala celebration of this annual festival. if you are wondering what you can do while you are here during this time of the year, then here are a few suggestions.

Step into a Mall

christms celebration in shopping mall


When you are in Malaysia, you simply cannot miss a mall because each one of them are dressed and decorated with a special Christmas theme with brightly lit snowflakes suspended from high ceilings, red lights, along with Santa on his sledge, you can only step into a mall and feel the elation in the atmosphere. The entire country dazzles with lights all over! Many malls hold contests and competitions for visitors and if you are lucky, you might just win a Christmas present for yourself. Retail outlets at most malls give out freebies and you can spot Santa giving out candies and chocolates to young kids and children. Carols being sung by choir groups and live bands also add to the festive mood.

Buy and Send Gifts

Gifting is an important part of this universal festival but in Malaysia, it is a little different. Malaysians give out ‘Ang Paus’ or little red envelopes with money, a common tradition observed by elder members of the family to the younger ones. You can also choose to shop for gifts or send some online vouchers or gift certificates. Paylesser Malaysia is a coupon site where you can find various deals on different products and services. Sending these coupons online is a great gift option you can explore.

Eat Out and Indulge in Christmas Menus

christmas dinner with family

Eating great food is definitely a part of every major celebration and Christmas is no exception. If you love to eat then you can look forward to some amazing Christmas spreads across various eateries and restaurants in Malaysia. The country is also known for mouthwatering food so you can explore traditional food fare while you are here or stick to Western staples for the occasion. However, traditionally Malaysians love to enjoy meals with their families at home on Christmas Eve.

Shop Online and Offline

christmas shopping


Malaysians love to shop no matter what and as a matter of fact, every celebration is incomplete without shopping! So you can join the frenzy and shop till you drop for everything and anything. You can expect special sales, discounts, deals and offers by most retailers that allow you to buy some great products at unbelievable prices. If you are an online shopper you can look for Christmas Online Shopping Deals for some mind-blowing bargains on all kinds of products.

Head Out to Popular Locations

If holidays are your way of enjoyment then you can go to popular locations like Penang or Langkawi, check into a resort or hotel and be a part of festivities there. This is the time you can come across some really cheap deals on accommodation and food packages where you can have great fun with live music, performances and a lot more apart from the local attractions.

best christmas vacation


Christmas means lots of fun no matter how you have it. Some choose to travel and go for holidays, while some stay back and enjoy it with family, exchanging presents and eating lavish meals or simply sit back and shop! However and whatever you wish to do is your choice, but make sure it brings happiness and cheer all the way.