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Brand New Fashion Trends You Should Definitely Try This Year

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Fashion is how you feel not always what you wear – so say fashion gurus to all those who love to be fashionable. Fashion is something you wear on your sleeve and in your attitude rather than what you are wearing! Most fashionistas and A-listed celebs sport everything they wear with great élan which is what makes them special. You can be like them too – provided you know how to wear the latest fashion with confidence and flair.

Though fashion trends keep changing every season and it is always a good idea to stay updated with the latest on the block, it may not be possible for everyone to spend time and money constantly for the purpose. This why it is important to maintain a balance between the latest as well as evergreen styles so that you are never out of vogue!


lace dress


Lace is everywhere! You can opt for lace in every garment including your lingerie! If you want to move away from lace you can opt for other sheer trends like mesh doing the rounds this season. Mesh or lace or any other sheer fabric for that matter looks girly and feminine. You choose a t-shirt or an evening gown and look awesome in this fabric. You can fuel your fantasies and look fabulous with mind-blowing stuff with Fantasy Lingerie Coupon Codes.

Mixed Prints

Prints are in this season. Mixed bright but small prints and especially florals have been a runaway hit this year. A significant number of designers have chosen to have prints in their creations right from sweatshirts to skirts to sweeping dresses. Don’t hesitate to spend money on these prints because they are here to last!


When it comes to colors, you cannot simply beat the timelessness of solids in your favorite apparel. Whether you love red, pink, yellow or blue, garments in various textures yet solid colors simply look awesome. Navy blue, deep shades of green and of course red are colors you should hesitate to try out! And if you love funky, then try out neons and pinks for a different look.

Bling is in!

Ensure you dazzle with sparkling clothes this year. Be it sequins, metallic prints or colorful sparkle, shine through with this latest trend. Loose wide legged pants, mini dresses, tops and dresses, you can find everything with a sequined sparkling version. Get some real steal deals with Coupons.

Off Shoulders

off shoulders dress


This has been an evergreen trend for ages and never seems to go out of fashion. With minor modifications to match latest trends, dresses and tops with this cut for shoulders look flattering on everybody no matter what your physique is! Taking over from off shoulders this year are exposed shoulders that bare your neckline and shoulders with a modern twist with ample elegance. Strong Lift Wear Coupon Codes lets you buy some amazing evening dresses at equally incredible prices.


Every stripe is HOT – be it horizontal, vertical, diagonal or any other, stripes just got bolder and brighter. This year designers have given the classic stripes a new look and feel with bright color combinations. You can buy a coat or a skirt or a top or even beach wear to add a splash to color to your wardrobe and make a bold yet timeless style statement for yourself.

Micro pleats

Although traditional, pleats have always looked elegant and graceful. Latest trends have lapped up this conventional style and upgraded to micro-pleats making it one of the hottest trends this year. This texture is ideal for skirts and dresses adding style to every kind of body, draping it fashionably.


Ruffles are definitely in this season and you can certainly try them on no matter what you wear! Ruffles are soft and flowing that looks absolutely flattering on everybody. These beautiful frills cascade down elegantly and fall in gathers adding an extra flair to your step!


Denims have always been uber cool and stylish for both men and women alike. This year this timeless fabric has gone a notch above with indigo prints that have added dollops of style to it apart from the comfort. You can choose from tops, shirts, jackets, skirts and of course the timeless jeans! You can never have enough denims in your wardrobe because you can wear them anywhere anytime!

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It truly does not matter how you look or what your personality is. These classic styles are sure to make you look good. Asymmetry, patchwork, layers and low cuts are also some styles that are in this year that you should definitely try out. You can also try experimenting with necklines and sleeves to look fashionable. Tailored trousers and skirts, apart from evening dresses are something you must have in your wardrobe because these are garments that you can team with others and create awesome looks for yourself and add a dash of zing to your everyday clothing. Though tailoring is a great option for an ideal fit, you can always buy latest clothes for yourself from online stores that stock incredible collections from leading fashion brands.

While you are paying attention to your clothes, do not forget your accessories because they take you a notch higher. Follow latest trends in shoes, bags, belts, jewelry and makeup to stay abreast of fashion in every way. Fashion flies off the racks every few weeks and makes a comeback equally faster. So remember not to discard what you have bought a year back. Retain it and try putting it to good use by teaming it with other trends. Apart from these you can always keep an eye on Hollywood celebs for the latest fashion feed every season. You simply need to get a little creative with your garments and create a stylish YOU and watch eyes roll and heads turn in appreciation! However, don’t ignore the weather because spring is warm and you need to feel comfortable in whatever you wear to work or for an evening.