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Optimum Unlimited Data Plan in Malaysia

Optimum Unlimited Data Plan in Malaysia

Malaysians Love Data

Malaysian love to chat – they, in fact are nothing short of social media addicts. As comScore recently said, Malaysia is a nation of social media addicts, it has become increasingly clear to the telecommunication operators (telcos) in the country that Malaysians want data, and want loads of it.

Against this context, it doesn’t come as a surprise that all major telecom operators in the country are neck to neck in competition when it comes to the launch of new data plans. There exists a fierce competition in the data war in the country with major telcos launching mobile plans every other week to beat the competitors. The industry, therefore, is highly competitive, where consumers are really spoilt for choices – with multiple options to choose from.

One in two Malaysians are smartphone users at present, which makes mobile data increasingly important to mobile users in the country.


Best Data Plans to Go for

To look for and go for the best data plan in Malaysia, you should be aware of the fact that a data plan is not just judged by the price. There is a high probability that a lower or cheaper data plan may have many restrictions or may be too many attachments that might end up making it more expensive. Also, there are certain data plans with monthly commitments that need to be abided with. On the other hand, there are certain data plans that have minimum usage, which can be not minimal at all.

Nevertheless, let’s have a look at the best data plans in Malaysia which claim to offer “unlimited data”

  • MaxisMaxisONE 98. This plan offers 1GB of mobile data, unlimited calls and text messages to all networks. As mentioned in the plan’s name, the monthly charge is RM98. After 1GB of data is reached, the internet speed is slowed down. It is not recommended for heavy users. In order to top up the data plan, the fees include RM30 for 1GB, RM20 for 500MB and RM10 for 200MB.
  • Digi – Digi telco offers a plan called the Digi Postpaid 98. The plan offers a higher mobile data size of 7GB, unlimited calls and text messages. For heavy data users who wish to top up, the extra charge is RM8 for 1GB. One positive of this data plan is that any unused data can be brought forward to the following month
  • Celcom Celcom First Gold, the data plan offered by Celcom has 10GB of mobile data, however, the 10GB data is split into 5GB monthly Internet and 5GB weekend Internet. Unused data can be brought forward to the following month with a cap of 5GB.
  • U Mobile – the U Mobile Hero P70 data plan by U Mobile also offers a 7GB of mobile data and unlimited calls to all networks. It also offers a free 50MB data roaming every day for selected countries. There is one unique feature of this plan, in which users are allowed to have free YouTube and Tonton streaming; and KKBox music streaming

Average Price Per GB

Our advise – before getting attracted to any unlimited data plan, pay more attention on the usage and flexibility, and choose wisely!