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Best time and seasons to travel Dubai with family

The refurbished Dubai is not old; it has just now developed from an old fishing city to a new ravishing tourist attraction. Dubai may be young but it has every possible thing that a tourist would want a great vacation. Be it from finest shops and restaurants line streets of Dubai to camel riding and desert safari, tourists will have a great vacation. Well, apart from this, Dubai has many other interesting facts such as:

  1. The crime rate in Dubai is as low as 0% virtually due to which Dubai is considered as the fifth safest city in the world
  2. To match up the speeding expensive cars of the city, The Dubai police fleet includes a Lamborghini, a Ferrari      and a Bentley.
  3. There are some ATMs in Dubai that dispense gold bars.
  4.  Malls and buildings with air conditioning. Cool. Bus stops with air conditioning. Supercool.
  5. Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destinations, even exceeding Paris.
  6. The Burj Khalifa is so tall that it can be seen around 90 kms from its distance.

Wow! Dubai sounds like a fun holiday destination. Isn’t? It can even be more fun if you get the best airways to give away voucher coupons. It is. Get Etihad airways Voucher Codes for a discount on the tickets. Now, after having a look at some of it’s fun facts let’s look at the top 10 places that you surely should visit while your vacation in Dubai:

Dubai mall- Dubai mall is one of the largest malls in the world with more than 1000 retailers and the most awesome mall with Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo.

Burj Al Arab- It is basically a hotel located in an artificial island in Dubai which is shaped like a sail of a ship. It is the forth tallest hotels in the world with a height of 280 meters (920 feet).

Jumeirah Beach- Jumeirah beach is a white sand beach that is located and named after the Jumeirah district in Dubai on the coast of the Persian Gulf. It is one of the major fishing and pearl farming centre.

Jumeirah mosque- The Jumeirah mosque is the only mosque in Dubai that welcomes non-Muslim guests six days a week. It is one of the most photographed mosques and the most beautiful landmarks in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa- The Burj Khalifa also known as the Burj Dubai before its inauguration is a supertall skyscraper. It is the tallest structure in the world standing at 829.8 meters.

Bastakiya Quarter- The Bastakiya Quarter in Bur Dubai is one of the city’s most beautiful heritage sites. It was built in the late 19th century by Persian merchants.

Gold and spice souks The gold and spice souks is the place where the tourists will find all the variety of gold jewellery and if you want spices. Well, this is your destination where you can find different types of spices.

Ski Dubai- Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the middle east. It has an amazing mountain-themed wintery setting where you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, toboggining, take part in many snow events and meet and play with Ski Dubai’s newest residents; the snow penguins!

Wild Wadi Waterpark- Wild Wadi waterpark is an amazing waterpark which is in Jumeriah, near Burj Al Arab.

Source: visitdubai

Dubai Desert Conservation park– The first national park in the UAE, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is the biggest area of land to ever be dedicated to a single project by the Dubai government. This land of shifting dunes and desert fauna was once a huge camel farm, but it was bought by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 1993, who, inspired by the national parks of South Africa, decided that Dubai needed its own reserve.
A vacation trip to Dubai points towards shopping, sun and beach but the best season to visit Dubai is during the winter months, from November to April. January and February see heavy tourist traffic because of the Dubai Shopping Festival, which makes the city come alive. Here’s a monthly breakup of Dubai’s climatic conditions so you can plan when to go:

November to March: Winters in Dubai starts from November to April and therefore it is the best time to visit Dubai for your vacations. The weather at that time is very pleasant and suited for all kinds of outdoor activities. What’s more, the much-loved Dubai shopping Festival is held during January-February and that is when you will see Dubai crowded. Since this is the peak season, hotel rates and airfares tend to go high. Therefore, book well in advance to get the best rates possible or just use emirates promo codes.

April to October: The temperature begins to rise by April and May and during peak summers, even start hitting the late forties. Summer months in Dubai are hot and humid, making it make impossible to explore the outdoors. However, all the malls and showrooms are air-conditioned so you can indulge in retail therapy if you like.

A trip to the beautiful tourist place Dubai can be avoided for a holiday that involves lots of shopping, dining and fun especially during the months of Ramadan, when the strict rules of Islam are applicable against smoking, drinking and eating and staying outside for long hours. Therefore, the rates of almost all the hotels drop down up to 70% during this time where you are requested to follow the rules of the festival. If you want to eat during the daytime, then you are requested to eat somewhere indoors or else to close the windows of the restaurants and cafes while having food.

Though religious beliefs and sentiments are attached here, it equally spoils the total enjoyment involved, where you find difficult to relax at length which is the sole purpose of your journey to the city. Similarly, avoid the period between June and September. Though the air-conditioned buildings keep off the heat, you would not be able to enjoy much of the outdoor activities except for the nightlife because of the temperature. Therefore, enjoy your vacations in the months of November to march and get Travel holiday coupons to enjoy your holidays to the fullest without emptying your pockets.