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Best Classy & Hot Lipstick Shades You Should Try in 2017    

Bold is the new hue in fashion when it comes to lipsticks this season. Beautiful vibrant colorful lipsticks perk up our faces in an instant without which fashion is truly incomplete. There are numerous shades that you can pick from and there is one for each one of us that we must choose depending upon our complexion as well as sense of style. But there are also latest trends that you can follow to create style statements of your own. If you are confused about the latest shades on the block, then read on to know about the ones that you must have in your makeup closet.

Sizzling Red Hot

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You can never go wrong with red if you love fashion. Red matte lipsticks or a liquid lipstick can look simply amazing no matter what you are wearing. If you wish to look splendid then red hot smoking lips is the best option that you can go for. Red lips complement monochrome looks and other outfits in solid Colors.

Electric Orange

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Orange is definitely in this season! Remember this is not the usual orange that would blend in but stand out giving exceptional prominence to your lips. If you are not too sure about which orange to choose, go for the more pigmented ones that are best for your complexion. Check out the new Nykaa Lipstick Collections if you are planning to go lipstick shopping!

Natural Nudes

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Nudes for the lips have been around for a while and you can choose from various hues to match different moods and attires. The best part about nude shades in various tints completes your look without exaggeration giving you a natural look.  These are best worn during the day with colorful outfits. Matte lipsticks are also in this season and you can find all kinds of shades to create a muted look.

Petite Rose

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This is another lip color that fashionistas swear by because they match every skin tone adding immense elegance to all kinds of looks. This is a color that you can wear all day. If you wish to glam up your look then you can opt for one which has a little shimmer. However, remember that you need Makeover Products for the best looking lips on which lipsticks can work their magic. Chestnut is another shade you can go for if you want some variation.


Over the Top Purple

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If you wish to create a difference, then purple is another color that can have great impact. Like other colors, you can find purple in various shades for your lips. With a lip crayon you can create a soft look or use a liquid lippie for bolder feel.

Sweet and Pretty Magenta

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There is a pink for everyone but this season, keep aside your candy and bubblegum shades for the bolder magenta that is much in vogue. Bright pink, peony, poppy pink or fuchsia, pick any that you love to add an instant pop of color to your face and get some attention as well.

Shimmer, crayons, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses and balms are a few lippies that are here to stay. These are available in various tints to match different occasions as well as complexions. You can simply use these to keep your lips soft and dewy or even look super glamorous. Pick shades from leading brands that you can wear to work, to a party or even to a day-long outing with your besties.

The Lipsticks are a great add-on that can make tons of difference to our appearance. Although nothing should deter you from trying out new ones, it is always advisable to bear in mind what suits your personality the most. Wearing the right attitude is the best makeup that you can use for yourself. So keep that in mind and go rock the world, you beautiful ladies out there!