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Best 5 Star Hotels in Australia and their Facilities & Services

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Planning a vacation does not come easy and when it comes, we know that we have to take care of a lot more things than we earlier planned for. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when a vacation is being planned but one of them remains the most difficult and it is certainly the part where we have to pick the location and hotel where we are going to stay during our much-awaited vacation. Picking the best hotel becomes the most tedious task and everyone wants to avoid that because it includes too much hassle. However, we decided to finally end your problems of picking that one nice hotel for your vacation stay by providing you with a nice and affordable list of hotels which will make sure that you vacation experience is doubled into amazingness and fun while staying over at any one of these hotels in Australia.

Best 5 Star Hotels in Australia and their Facilities & Services


  1. Sofitel, Melbourne: Sofitel Melbourne is situated at the end of Collins street and in the literal heart of the city where one can easily find shopping, dining and other options to spend time doing which are all just a minute away from the famous cricket ground. This amazing hotel offers its guests with 363 luxurious rooms with more than amazing amenities attached with them. Here you can enjoy fine dining in their top notch restaurants which are available to guests throughout their stay in the hotel. This awesome hotel also offers full-time conference and business facilities to its guests so you can also meet your business requirements here while you are relaxing during your vacation.
  1. Park Hyatt, Sydney: This over the top hotel located in Sydney offers more than you can imagine receiving during a stay at a hotel like this one. They have spacious and beautiful rooms which cater to the best of interiors for you with rich colors like chocolate, cream and beige. Their luxurious rooms also come with lush carpets and awesome fittings which you would barely be able to find at any other hotel. You can make use of Australia Coupon Codes in order to grab some of the best discounts at these hotels during your amazing stay there. 
  1. The Westin, Sydney: This award-winning hotel is located in the heart of Sydney and is accessible from anywhere without any hassle. This hotel is also surrounded by Sydney’s most renowned shopping malls, best restaurants and nightlife. This hotel also offers super luxurious stay and dining right in the hotel. Com Discount Code can help you a great lot when you make use of them while using the hotel services. You will be bombarded with the most unexpected discounts when you do so and you will most definitely not regret even a little part of it.
  1. InterContinental, Sydney: InterContinental Sydney’s guest rooms come with luxury and immense comfort when it comes to staying at this hotel. The rooms at this hotel are specifically designed for travellers from all over the world and are meant to provide them with the best amenities they could have imagined. They also provide their guests with free high-speed internet access and spacious work zone with task lighting.
  1. Crown Metropol, Perth: You will find 5 Best Places in Australia You Love to Visit here which make you go absolutely insane. This hotel is surrounded by a lot more than what you can see or visit in the span of a few days while you will be staying over there. It is also known for its endless amenities that it provides its guests with. Whilst you’re soaking up the renowned Perth sunshine be sure to indulge at the al fresco Poolside Bar and Grill where the mouth-watering menu of fresh food and refreshing drinks will satisfy all tastes.

Your hotel stay now will be the easiest thing to pick when you sit down and finally plan for that long awaited vacation.