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Australia is definitely a country much different and interesting than the rest of the world. It offers things that no man has ever come across on another land. From unique and exotic wildlife to lively beaches, there exists nobody who wouldn’t want to fall in love with this country for the mere things that it has to offer to its residents. Apart from a number of things to do in Australia, you can also find some or the other event or festival taking place in the country somewhere or the other. These festivals are famous and take place every year without fail. These festivals are also attended by a large number of people and are extremely fun to be attended. If you are planning to roam around the country wanting to attend some of these amazing festivals, then we might be able to help you with this amazing list of festivals and events that are a huge and significant part of Australia!

Sydney Festival: This festival takes place every year in Sydney in the month first month of the year and is everything that you are looking for. This festival offers a diverse range of art forms that anyone would be impressed with. From dance, theatre, art to different kinds of plays, films, and forums, there is practically nothing that this beautiful festival does not offer to people. People from all over the world come all the way just to attend this festival and absorb the beauty of it all.

Sydney Festival

National Multicultural Festival: The National Multicultural Festival takes place in the capital of the country, Canberra. It stretches over just 4 days but offers everything that you want to see. It offers a range of things such as local, national and international foods, dance, music, art and much more. The festival favorites are often the food and the dance that is offered which adds an essence of the world in the entire festival. This festival is a great place for artists that operate on a smaller scale and are looking to present their work to a wider audience. They get great chances of doing so in this particular festival with a number of different people from everywhere.

National Multicultural Festival

Perth International Arts Festival: This festival is one of the oldest and the most renowned International Arts Festival in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere. The Perth International Arts Festival is Western Australia’s main attraction and also its premier cultural event. It stretches for over two months in the first quarter of the year and offers the residents of Perth a range of international and contemporary dance, music, films, food, and forums. It also offers events related to literature, comedy and also various community events and activities. There are also more than 90 satellite festivals happening around this huge and astonishing festival in order to create more buzz around the town and keep people entertained and busy.

Perth International Arts Festival

Melbourne International Arts Festival: The Melbourne International Arts Festival is extremely famous for presenting world-famous art forms, unique events which are both local and international, dance forms, food, theatre, films and much more. It is one of the most famous events in the entire country and you can make use of Travel coupons in Australia in order to gain some extra knowledge, guidance and amazing discounts on visiting this renowned festival. The Melbourne International Arts Festival takes place in the month of October each year and was the first stage in the year 1986. It stretches over a whopping seventeen days in October and its name has also been changed over three times since its first appearance.

Melbourne International Arts Festival

Darwin Festival: The Darwin festival is a renowned festival across the country as it offers unique events and activities to its residents every year in the month of August. Darwin boasts of a multicultural community, young energy and a climate that is appreciated and loved by all. The city also offers a great lifestyle for its residents. The Darwin Festival provides its residents with events related to national and international dance forms, culture, food and a number of performances to entertain them throughout the festival. You will also come across music and dance from indigenous places and resources which will fill the festival with multicultural attractions. The festival also offers a strong element of visual arts and other interesting things.

Darwin Festival

Brisbane Festival: Another impressive international arts festival which takes place in the city of Brisbane every year is something that its residents wait for the whole year. The festival takes place every September and offers a thrilling program of music, opera, circus, comedy, dance, theatre and much more. The festival makes sure that it includes each and every person in the show by offering community events and activities which let everyone participate. The festival of Brisbane allows a number of incredibly. It is a lot more than just a regular festival with activities and shows. It encourages people from all backgrounds to participate and becomes a significant part of this amazing festival every year.

Brisbane Festival

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Grass: This astonishing festival is definitely one of the largest gay and lesbian festivals that you will ever come across in the world. It is presented to people in the form of a fun festival and is also a protest by the many people that are willing to participate in the same. The start of the festival in 1978 wasn’t too pretty and ended up in violent clashes with the cops and many other residents of the city, however, it came over all of the hurdles that it faced and stands today as one of the most empowering gay and lesbian festivals across the globe. The festival attracts hundreds of people every year from every different place and the Mardi Grass festival also involves a large number of art related events.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Grass

WOMAdelaide: The amazing WOMAdelaide festival stretches over just three days and runs a good number of stage performances. A large number of people from all over the world participate in these national as well as international performances. The festival also features a kid zone and a large number of events and activities for kids too. You can find yourself amidst art from local, national as well as international sources. Thousands of people from across the country come to attend this festival. They indulge in trying out the different variety of foods, dance, music and catch up with their family and friends over a bunch of drinks and fun.


Dreaming Festival, Woodford, Queensland: As the name of the festival suggests, you will find a variety of things that will push your imagination and make you enjoy to your fullest. It a hell of a ride and is the most vibrant experience that you will ever witness in your life in any other festival. The Dreaming Festival showcases the best of indigenous arts from across the globe in the best ways possible. Hundreds of thousands of people from the world travel all the way to Australia just to absorb in some of the best glimpses of this beautiful and fun festival. The festival stretches over three days and four nights and offers a number of food and drink options to every visitor that wants to relax and enjoy the festival. You can also make use of Menulog coupons for Food if you are looking to grab some easy discounts on the food that you want to grab in this or any other festival for that matter. This is a traditional festival which offers everything you are looking for from traditional to latest events and also an engaging youth program.

Dreaming Festival, Woodford, Queensland

National Folk Festival: The beautiful National Folk Festival takes place every year over the Easter weekend in the capital of the country, Canberra. The festival features a range of arts for everyone across the country and hence is easily able to attract thousands of people from all over Australia to attend this more than awesome festival. The people come to participate and share the fun in dance, music and art forms that are presented by a wide range of lesser known artists as well as the renowned ones all in just one place. As the name suggest, this National Folk Festival is one of the biggest folklore festivals in Australia and presents the entire Australian Folk culture to its visitors in just over five days. The festivals also offer a number of programs and interesting events for kids and adults of all ages.

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Now that we have provided with an ample amount of information related to Australian festivals and events, it’s time for you to note them all down and keep a track of the entire schedule as you wouldn’t want to miss even a single one of these astounding events. The country down under is something that you wouldn’t want to miss in all either. Their festivals and events are something that can easily lure anyone towards them and make them the happiest and certainly the most entertained people in the world.