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Apple iPhone X: The Most Anticipated Phone of the Year

Technology keeps us on our toes especially in the smart technology era where we have new phones and gadgets every few weeks. This also holds true for the iPhone X, the latest offering from the tech giant that experienced heightened anticipation and excitement. With a few innovative features, this phone has been quick to grab eyeballs for the all the right reasons, one of them being its whopping price! Read on to know how this phone scores on several parameters as well as a top few features that make it one of the most sought-after gadgets in the world.

Unique Face ID

iphone x unique face id

Source : www.apple.com

The face identification feature of this phone has been one of its USPs and most anticipated highlights. This may seem a little complicated at the beginning but it is just a matter of time till you get used to this feature to log into your phone. This top-notch feature has a front camera and 3D sensing sensors that allow secure access to the device and authorizes payments for complete online protection. Since the Face ID is not as fast as the Touch ID and seems like an extra step before you can use your phone, this security feature has garnered mixed responses! You can read more about this unique feature and other technical specifications on different online stores and also use coupons from Paylesser Philippines for discounts on smartphones.

Super Sleek Design

iphone x design

Source : www.apple.com

iPhones have always been lauded for their designs and this new model is no exception. Made of AMOLED glass and rounded edges, this phone boasts of a super sleek design that feels almost like silk in your hands. However, it is best to use a cover if you wish to safeguard this precious possession as is more prone to cracks than its predecessors. The new design also comes without the Touch ID home button which is quite a revolution for this brand of smartphones. The display area has become visibly smaller with black bars on the top and bottom in the portrait mode or sides and sides in the landscape mode but also offers higher resolution for videos and pictures. Consider using a Takatack promo code to get discounts when you shop for electronic items and gadgets online.

Superior Cameras!

Now, iPhone cameras have always been reckoned and with this model, you can look forward to even better selfies. The special TrueDepth camera focuses on the mail subject blurring the background as you click away in the Portrait Mode that also adds some extra lights for better effects. The results of the rear camera of this phone are even more impressive and perform equally well even in low light.

Tough-to-Reach Quick Settings

The new iPhone X certainly attempts to push you out of your comfort zones because the absence of the home button teaches you some new swiping lessons. If you are using an app, you shall have to swipe up to go back to the app grid instead of the left previous left button. Similarly, you will have to swipe down from the top right corner of the control center and top left corner to see your notifications. A long press on the right side button or a voice command will help you reach Siri! Displays come up with a tap like few Android phones or simply raise your phone to wake it up as in previous iPhones. Check out latest gadgets and gizmos on online stores like Lazada where you can also use Lazada coupon code to get discounts on all electronic items.

iphone x quick setting

Source: www.apple.com

The iPhone X is certainly worth the dime and has been one of the finest creations from Apple. Months of research have gone into this revolutionary smartphone that has set standards difficult to match. Although you can expect some other leading technology brands to come up with equally competitive features, an iPhone X is something you will love to own and experience.