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Air India Announces Free Wifi Facility on Domestic Flights from July 2017

Modern lifestyles demand us to stay connected no matter where we are and what we are doing. The same holds true even when we are traveling. We have to travel for different reasons but that does not give us a reason to stay off the circuit. It is a great idea even if we can stay connected while we are aboard on our flights! Now this dream is turning into a reality with India’s leading airline, Air India offering free Wi-Fi facilities during all their domestic flights. Fliers can now stay in touch with their work place or near and dear ones with this new facility without spending a single penny for it. Read on to know more about this fantastic news.

What you can do?

Even if you are flying thousands of miles above the earth, you can stay connected on social media as well as other platforms with this new free Wi-Fi facility from Air India. If you are flying from one destination to another aboard an Airbus 320 across India, you can post status updates, reply to mails and engage in various other online activities allowing you to stay connected all the time. You can choose to book with Expedia Coupons to get discounts on all air travel in India.

How Much Do you Pay?


The new Wi-Fi facility from the leading Indian carrier will be free to start with. The speed and data packs are expected to be basic and you may have to pay for higher speeds like few other international carriers in future. This facility being one of the first in the country will include a free basic pack that shall enable you to send and receive emails along with checking Whatsapp. You can also browse the web while you fly with the basic free service. The services are expected to evolve over a period of time depending upon initial responses and will have paid packs for higher usage.

When Will The Service Start?

The company is in the process of integrating Wi-Fi equipment on its present fleet of Airbus 320s that operate on domestic routes and is expected to commence the service from July, 2017. Better options like bigger data packs may be available depending upon user feedback. If you book with Travelguru Coupons, you can get extra discounts on all your travel including flights and hotels.

Although the free Wi-Fi services announced by the leading Indian airline is revolutionary in a way, it does raise concerns about security and breach of privacy with hackers and cyber criminals making the most out of the public network which is expected to have numerous users at the same time. However, users need to beef up the security on their devices for safe usage of this free service. Providing data service is certainly the way forward for most airlines and is also a major source of revenue and Air India may just be leading the pack with other airlines following suit soon. Come July, fliers certainly have a reason to be happy and choose Air India to go to various destinations. So book your seats and get set go for a new travel experience altogether.