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5 Adventure Activities in Hong Kong

If you love adventure, then Hong Kong is a place that must head too! This amazing city has tons of activities of all kinds. You can shop at glitzy malls, eat street food, bustling nightlife, experience high life at posh locations, indulge in adventurous activities or simply laze around on the beaches – simply because when you are in Hong Kong you can do it all. But if you are one who loves adventure and looks forward to thrill and excitement, then Hong Kong gives you several opportunities to do so. Here is a list of fun-filled exploratory things to do and push your physical limits to have some truly memorable times.

Water activities

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Hong Kong gives you numerous options in water sports for all the fun and excitement that you are looking for. A wide range of water based activities include, diving, windsurfing, kit surfing, wakeboarding, etc. The ideal place would be Lantau Island where you can dodge the wind and the waves for exhilarating moments of fun. You can use Expedia Promo Code to get discounts on all flight tickets and hotel accommodations in Hong Kong.

Fun at Escape Room

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This is another exciting option for adventure seekers when you are in Hong Kong. Visitors are directed one of the many customized rooms based on various movie themes. All you have to do is find the clues and find your way out of this thrilling maze. You can enjoy this with your group of friends but even if you are alone, you can find other fellow travelers for company.

Rollercoaster rides

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This is something that you simply cannot miss when you are in Hong Kong. The city’s famous Ocean Park has several rollercoaster rides that give you butterflies in your stomach as you rise to heights and come crashing down with equal velocity on any of these mind-blowing rides. Apart from these rides, you can also enjoy the food at the restaurants, visit the zoo and aquarium and have a day packed with adventure and entertainment. look out for coupons on Paylesser Hong Kong for discounts on entry tickets to various tourist attractions in the city.

Ride a bike

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You can get bike rentals across Hong Kong and cycle around for fun. There are several bike routes and zones for the best experiences. If you love bicycles, then the 3-hour long trail spreading over 16 kilometers starting along the Shin Mun River up to the Tai Po Waterfront Park is a must!

Walk up to Big Buddha

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The Big Buddha, on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island is certainly one of the best hiking routes that you can find here. With a special trail for hiking, you can get a panoramic view of the city’s skyline as you walk close up with nature towards the 34-meter statue, one of the largest in the world.

When you are in Hong Kong you are actually spoilt for choice because there is too much to do in less time. If you are planning to visit this city, plan and prepare your itinerary so that you can make the most of it and come back home with bags full of memories because there is something for everybody to do. You can choose to do stuff that you love and Hong Kong will give you more than you can ever imagine.