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6 Best Picnic Spots in Hong Kong

We all need to be rejuvenated periodically and get away from all the daily stress. But we also need to remember that it may not be always possible to take a few days off and head out to a different location. Going for outdoor picnics is a fantastic way to recharge yourself physically and mentally and come back renewed vigor. Although Hong Kong is often termed as a concrete jungle, there several green patches that allow you to be close to nature and take a breath of fresh air along with friends and family as you munch your favorite snacks and sip your drink, away from a polluted environment as well. Go on to read about a few top picnic spots in this beautiful city of skyscrapers.

Tai Tam Country Park – This picnic spot in Hong Kong is popular for reasons more than one. Close to Parkview, this is a huge open green space with well maintained lawns, special BBQ areas and benches. You can also bring along your pets, grill your favorite stuff on the BBQ and have an amazing time out in the open.  You can use an Expedia Discount Code for a concession on entry fees to various locations in Hong Kong.

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Victoria Peak Garden – Close to the Victoria Harbor, the Victoria Peak Garden has a spectacular view owing to its altitude at 554 meters. Green manicured lawns, benches to sit, breathtaking fountains at this spot have all been designed in Victorian style. This place can be reached after a 30 minute walk from the Peak or even choose to drive yourself there. You can carry along some snacks and drinks while you spend time here or even buy them at the kiosk for refreshments.

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Cyber Waterfront Park – This is an ideal place for all pet owners because they are allowed here! If you are planning a day out and are worried about leaving your pet behind, then head to this location. Families with pets are allowed to move around freely throughout this green patch. Facing the Lantau Island, this picnic spot also gives you beautiful views of the sea. You can book all your Hong Kong travel at lower prices online if you use an Agoda Discount Code.

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Tamar Park – Largely popular owing to its convenient location, Tamar Park is a favorite with picnic goers in Hong Kong. This large green space also has an amphitheatre and café that offer complete entertainment out in the open. Some interesting water activities are an added attraction especially if you have children accompanying you.

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Turtle Cove – This beautiful waterside can provide you with moments of tranquility in all the midst of Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle. Beautifully lined with trees, this natural space is close to Redhill. Spacious and green, this picnic spot is one of the best in Hong Kong if you are looking forward to spending a peaceful day. Coupons and vouchers from Paylesser Hong Kong allow you to book all your travel and sightseeing in Hong Kong at discounted prices.

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Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls – This is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling and picturesque picnic locations in Hong Kong. Although a visit to this spot requires some amount of physical fitness, it is definitely worth all the trouble even for those who are not as fit! Deep green woods, cascading falls on the north slopes of Tai Mo Shan, plunge pools, a trail allowing you to approach the middle and lower portions of the falls deep down a ravine and high flight of stairs leading up to the top are things that you can expect at this spot.

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Now that you have this list ready in hand, you can straightaway head to these fro some instant rejuvenation and have a great time with family and friends even on a weekend!