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5 Best Places to Eat in Hong Kong on a Budget

Food is an important part of every travel. Visiting new places and exploring new cuisines all add up to fantastic experiences. it is always a wise idea to do some research on food before you are heading out to a new place for a vacation so that you know what you expect. Hong Kong is the amazing destination in Southeast Asia owing to various reasons and food is certainly one of them. This is a city that offers options for all kinds of budgets to give the best to all its tourists. Right from mouthwatering street food to exotic preparations at high end restaurants, Hong Kong has it all for you. Here are a few places where you can indulge your taste buds if you are on a budget trip to Hong Kong.

Tak Fat Beef Ball

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You can have the best beef balls flavored with ginger and tangerine peel and served in a rich broth with your choice of noodles along with beef brisket or tripe. Nestled away in the Haiphong Road Temporary market, you can eat this savory dish ibn bright orange balls with yellow spoons! You can check out Honestbee Discount Code to get discounts at restaurants in Hong Kong.

Tsui Wah

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Originally a tea café that started in 1967, has quite a few branches is Hong Kong’s favorite address for comfort food. Loved by locals as well as tourists, you can treat yourself to comfort food of Hong Kong that has British, Indian and American influences along with its own traditional touch. Some dishes featuring in its extensive menu are toast with condensed milk, sweetened milk tea, curried beef brisket with rice, Hainan chicken rice, beef with tomatoes, etc. Use coupons from Groupon Hong Kong to save on food when you are in this city.

Tung Po

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This destination in Hong Kong serves one of the best seafood. You can have a good meal comprising deep fried pig’s trotters, razor clams, squid ink pasta with cuttlefish balls, to name a few popular dishes from their menu which may not be fine dining necessarily but amazing taste for sure.

Australia Dairy Company

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Although not a typically fine dining restaurant, you can wait for your table, sit, order and get what you want. People come in here for all kinds of foods including mail course meals. The place is mostly haunted by tourists out to see the city on a tour bus. Right from scrambled eggs on toast, macaroni soup noodles, steamed egg desserts, milk or iced lemon tea, you can eat good food without a pinch on your pocket and also if you use Caterspot Coupons for extra discounts.

Under Bridge Spicy Crab

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You can find quite a few branches of this across Hong Kong and treat yourself to their signature dish of crab cooked with garlic, chilies, black beans and spring onions. You can choose white rice or congee (rice porridge) and beer to accompany and have one of the best street foods of the city. A Hong Kong original, this dish was made by fishermen who took shelter in small coves during typhoons on their small boats!

Food is a major head where you can save good money and yet have great experiences. It is always a great idea to explore local cuisine for new experiences to come through and Hong Kong is no exception. Keep in mind to try out various seafood options while you are in this city along for one of the most memorable gastronomic experiences of your life.