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10 Essential Spring Racing Beauty Buys

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The sun, sunlight and spring are here and with that is the best reason for you to look beautiful! Spring is no doubt the best time of the year, when the air is light, crisp with pretty flowers all around all adding up to our high spirits. Spring also adds a spring to your step, making you truly feel happy and cheery from within after the dull dreary cold winter days. Now that spring is here, apart from the weather you also need to be all prepared for the Spring Racing Carnival and get set for unlimited fun at the races! You need to look every bit the stunner as when you attend this prestigious festival and we will tell you how to do it.

Spring in Australia is incomplete without a day at the races and when you are at this mega event, you certainly need to look your best. Getting ready and doing your make up for this special day certainly adds to the fun but only when all your effort lasts you through the day! We would all hate it if end up looking awful with your makeup and hair out of place! This is a disaster we would love to avoid so take a look at the list of 10 Essential Spring Racing beauty Buys that you need to have before you step out for a day at the tracks for a lasting perfect look throughout the day and perhaps the evening as well.


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Your face is undoubtedly the part that needs maximum attention. You would certainly not want makeup that melts away in a few hours nor would you want a cakey face with layers of makeup. You need to keep it light with a matt finish. Choose a hydrating foundation with an SPF 30+ with vitamin C and liquorice for that perfect smoothening base. Use a setting powder to keep your makeup inplace and more radiance.  You can apply some bronzer for additional glow and do your lips well by lining them, blotting them and re-applying a second coat. You can also dust some translucent powder on your lips for it to last and prevent bleeding. You can do smokey eyes if you are planning to go monochrome. Use an eye primer before you do any makeup for your eyes and don’t forget your good older liner to create a bold yet classy look. Don’t hesitate to use bold colors like red or pink for your lips especially if you are dressed in black or white. You can buy some great makeup for the Spring Racing Carnival with Bellabox Coupon Codes.


Spring is warm and you need to sport a tanned look when you are at the races. Buy a good bronzer that gives you a sun kissed look that adds a glow to match your face. You choose bronzers with herbal extracts like lavender or chamomile that leave behind a lingering fragrance making you feel fresh all through the day. Alternatively, you can also go for a body tanning solution that shall help you get that instant tan, keep your skin hydrated as well and stay in place if it is hot! Remember to use a wash-off tan that can be easily removed with simple water or soap wash.

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You also need to pay attention to your pits because the warm weather might make you sweat and you need to keep body odor at bay. So make sure you carry a deodorant or an Eau De Toilette or even a small bottle of scent to feel and smell good throughout the day. Check out Green Tea X50 Promo Codes for some good deals on makeup.


After your face and body, comes your hair that you need to do up perfectly well before you head to the races. You need to make sure that it stays in place especially if you have frizzy hair. Use a hair spray or gel to hold your hair for hours together without wisps flying out of here and there, especially if it is freshly washed. You also need to choose the appropriate head gear or hat that comes in various sizes, shapes and colors. Choose one that matches not only your outfit but also your personality and sense of style. If you want to draw attention to your head gear, then you should probably tie back your hair!


When you are planning to spend at a day at the tracks, you also need to pay good attention to your feet because you need to combine style and comfort both. If you have bought new high heels for the races, they can hurt your feet if you are wearing them all day. But you can make yourself comfortable with gel cushion inserts to release pressure from the ball of your feet and give you that additional support. The gel also keeps your feet cool apart from soft support! Pumps are also a great option that imparts a formal and classy look.

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Apart from your dress and makeup, you also need to choose the right accessories for your Spring Racing day out. Fashion gurus suggest that your head gear, purse and shoes should all match if you want to create a perfect look for yourself. With classy colors like black, white, navy blue and nudes, you can never go wrong so try to plan your look around these colors. Even if you choose to go with other colors, don’t overdo it and try to maintain a balance lest you end up looking like a rainbow which looks best in the sky not at the race course for sure! Also remember to carry a few essentials like bobby pins, band aids, compact, mirror, perfume, lip color for quick touch ups during the day or after you have had some champagne. And last but certainly not the least, choose a dress that is stylish, tasteful and most importantly comfortable so that your skin is able to breathe and stays cool!